Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign Mode: First Impressions

The T-Files: Lars and Alisa make like Tekken’s version of Mulder and Scully, seeking the TRUTH.

Okay, first off… NO, I don’t have the game yet. But some lucky bastards do, and now videos from the console versions of Tekken 6 are popping up on Youtube in spoilerrific regularity. Quite a few of them are lengthy stretches of the new Scenario Campaign mode, T6’s return of Tekken Force/free-roaming beat ’em up/RPG hybrid. Some mild kinda-spoilers ahead.

Yeah, I couldn’t resist watching the pretty slick CG pre-rendered intro movie, with newcomer and SC Main Hero Lars Alexandersson breaking into a heavily-guarded Zaibatsu Facility and kicking some Tekken Shu ass. From there, SC shifts into real-time graphics to tell the rest of the quite-lengthy story.

While the realtime scenes aren’t as glossy as pre-rendered CG, these in-game cutscenes don’t look half bad at all. The character models seem to be the same ones used in the main game, and for the most part it works. Mostly though what I took away from watching the first couple of cutscenes was that the pacing was pretty leisurely and detailed; early one we see Lars and his Tekken Force rebels mourning the death of a comrade, complete with long pauses and silence. A little later, he gets paired up with the robotic debutante Alisa Bosconovitch, and like a martial artsy Bonnie and Clyde, the pair head off to explore the world to meet people and for the most part, beat them up.

It’s a bit funny- you head into a stage, fight generic goons, goonettes, goonbots or goonimals, then a boss taken from the main Tekken roster. Afterwards there may be a cutscene showing some interaction. Lars and Alisa aren’t always the focus; some scenes showed other characters elsewhere interacting, hinting at more goings-on than meets the eye.

Even though you can switch to other characters and have some lines of dialogue unique to them as you encounter bosses, for the most part Lars’ and Alisa’s story continues regardless, with them continually being the main players in the cinematics.

I really haven’t seen a lot- perhaps three or four cutscenes, including one with Lili Rochefort (who apparently takes a big liking to Lars right off seeing as how girly she prances around him… heheh) and Wang Jinrei, and one with Jin Kazama, Nina Williams and Zafina. I deliberately just scanned over them fast, as I really want to see and play the game and experience the story myself. Suffice to say though, despite the less-than-tight and a bit overindulgent pacing of the cutscenes and the somewhat overtly Japanese style of physical acting… I like what I’ve seen. I think I’m going to enjoy playing Scenario Campaign. The story is intriguing, the action looks fun and sure to net me TONS of fight money for customizations, and I am hoping when you replay the real-time cinemas you can customize the onscreen characters with alternate outfits. Let’s see if a dramatic confrontation is as heavy when all concerned are sporting luminous pink pigtails. Heheh.

Anyway, I’m actually focusing a lot on Scenario Campaign because I intend to actually give SC a mini-review within my eventual Tekken 6 console review. Yes, I intend to give it a rating separate from the main game. Because I’m like that. Heheh. More on that when it happens, when I play the darn game.

It’s almost here, people. I say, steer clear of big spoilers, particularly any postings of the Character Endings on Youtube. Don’t even go near there, as temptation may be too hard to resist. Don’t cheat yourself- you’ve waited this long, a little more can’t hurt. Tekken 6 is almost upon us. Later then!


12 Responses to “Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign Mode: First Impressions”

  1. Take a look….

  2. limited edition foil aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. tekkengriffiths Says:

    ahhh its so hard not to look at the spoilers!! i gave in and had a look at some clips of scenario campaign’s story mode, looks sweeet! im gonna try to stay away from them though lol; its a week left for the UK but man its gonna be worth it!

  4. Not reading this, lol.

    I’m torn, I’m sort of hoping that my Tekken 6 comes early so I can (of course) enjoy it early, as well as not have to worry about spoilers, but I’m also against it because well, I’ve got a semi-large project to do this weekend and its due the day I’m supposed to get Tekken 6. So…

    IDK, oh well… its not in my hands anyway.

  5. Psychoblue Says:

    Because I am impulsive, I looked at the spoilers via the walkthrough.

    I must say, I am thoroughly surprised how much I am liking Lars. At first I was expecting him to be the epitome of Gary Stu, but he actually reminds me a lot of Siegfried: someone with a lot of morals and ideals but is a bit edgy and extreme at times.

    I also love the Lars x Alisa dynamic. Maybe I should get the old fanfiction engines burning again, though chances are there are going to be a lot of people who will beat me to it.

    • It’s hard not to like him- he’s a bad-ass leader and fighter, plus he certainly has a way with the ladies. I think this is the first time we’ve seen an actual ‘hero’-caliber protagonist in the series, given how most everyone else is just in the tournament for themselves if not outright evil.

      As I haven’t played through the mode yet and seen how SC ends, it intrigues me as to what Lars’ role will be in future Tekkens. The series will surely continue, but it remains to be seen what the situation is in the fallout of the resolution of Tekken 6’s current crisis. Will Jin still be leader of the Zaibatsu? Where will Lars be? It’s intriguing stuff, but I guess we’ll have a clearer idea of that when we’ve seen all the endings.

  6. I like Lars and Alisa together. But i thinks its more an unrequited love kind of thing. With Lars falling in love with Alisa and Alisa having no clue about his emotions towards her….she is a robot after all. I thought Lars liked Lili the way he looked at her. I kinda like them together as well….even though i know she’s kinda a snob.

    • I don’t think Lars and Alisa’s relationship is unrequited- she did confess her feelings for him at the end, and he plainly values her as well. Jin basically spelled it out at the end, and Lars’ reaction confirmed it.

      I’ll be a bit disappointed if they backpedal from this in the future by downgrading their relationship- I see them as something like Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye from Full Metal Alchemist at least, and should be inseparable once all is made well again. As different as they look like, their odd aesthetic fits well together.

  7. i think lars loves alisa :3


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