Tekken 6 Console IGN Reviews

Mainstream gaming site IGN finally gives their word on Namco-Bandai’s latest and greatest, giving Tekken 6 a score of 8.8 (Great), while their counterpart Down-Under, IGN UK, gives it a slightly higher 9.0 (Outstanding). The game has been given the site’s Editor’s Choice Award.

The US review cites the beat ’em up’s pick-up-and-play mentality combined with potential for seriously in-depth strategies and mind games. The reviewer goes on to applaud the robust and rewarding Customizations for pimping out your fighters using the Fight Money you earn from the various modes. Perhaps the best comment I read in the review is the simple remark that Tekken 6 is ‘no button masher’, boasting a surprisingly deep system beneath a relatively simple interface. Also applauded were the game’s multiplayer features.

Flaws cited include the loading times, which were supposedly noticeable even after the optional Install, present for both the PS3 and Xbox360 version. The reviewer also didn’t find the Scenario Campaign that appealing, calling it ‘disappointing’ and ‘frustrating’ (apparently you can die instantly by falling off a ledge) but at least worth playing if you love to earn money for customizations.

“One of the most playable fighting series’ ever, and Tekken 6 doesn’t let the legacy down. If you have ever enjoyed a Tekken, you will love this one.” – IGN Australia

The IGN AU review cites Tekken 6’s huge roster of fighters and deep gameplay that has received some fundamental changes with the new Bound and Rage systems. The Scenario Campaign was found to have good action and the game has all the adequate modes and robust customizations, however they did find some issues with the music and sound, particularly not liking the Yodelling Music of the Hidden Retreat stage (that’s just his opinion… it rocks!). Loading times are also cited, but installing the game should ‘all but eradicate the problem’.

You can read the IGN US review here. The IGN AU review is here. A video review was also posted, so check that out here.


10 Responses to “Tekken 6 Console IGN Reviews”

  1. hey lone gamer just put up my ps3 console and one of my friends has it cant belive it have you got t6

  2. just spoke to him and he is from holand thats eu game isnt coming until 30th he wrote he had it from http://www.gamedumper.nl

  3. he cant fake it i just see it on my profile amazing its almost there

  4. Kind of biased against the Soundtrack…

    Am I the only one who didn’t like the Tekken 3 Soundtrack???

    • I myself don’t see how a soundtrack can impact so much on the whole game. And none of the Tekken soundtracks were ever bad. Really, they had nothing else to throw at the game but that and the noticeable loading…

    • i liked the music from t2 and t3 but it would be nice if they added custom soundtrack ability

      • Well dude, you’re in luck since I think Tekken 6 does support custom soundtracks, according to some posts over at Tekken Zaibatsu. I can’t confirm this 100 percent yet, but it’s probably true.

      • My friend has it, I asked him whether they were available, he said “Yes”

  5. i love the music i always was o fan of this odd stuff wife screaming at me why do i listen to this shit so loud she said its no music , loading times are totally fine i have seen on you tube movies of new tekken users having it installed on ps3 it feels really proper honestly after instaling nothing to complain exactly from the moment the comentator says get ready for the n b till the game starts takes 8.5 sec this is not long not t5 dro short but for next gen game fast

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