Curses! Early Tekken 6 Weekend… Delayed!

Wah! Looks like my wish for an early Iron-fisted Weekend has been dashed for now. Apparently Play-Asia doesn’t have stocks of T6 yet, though the US version PS3 Tekken 6 is now listed as on track for the Oct. 27 release early next week. There’s still a chance preorders will ship early, perhaps on Monday (the 26th). In any case, one last weekend of waiting then.

However, this does mean that I’ll be having quite a LOT of time to enjoy the game next week indeed. I plan on giving myself an initial Tekken 6 Day of Gameplay on the day it arrives, and then during the Halloween Weekend (which will be a 3-day weekend here) I’ll have lots of time to just vege out on my most-awaited fighting game ever. I expect to have The Lone Gamer’s Ultimate Tekken 6 Review up sometime after that.

Well, lesson learned… don’t count your Iron Fist Tournaments before they hatch! Darn, now I really have to make it a point to avoid spoilers in the next couple of days. Sigh. Later then!


18 Responses to “Curses! Early Tekken 6 Weekend… Delayed!”

  1. Mine is currently “open” meaning one or more items still haven’t been shipped 😦

  2. They best, I’m afraid of squealers who pop onto the Tekken fan sites I’m a part of shouting the winner, or who dies, or some other big twist…

    • Yeah, it may be prudent to sequester yourself at this time. Quite a few people already have the game. You can spoil yourself silly on the Scenario Campaign right now. It’s only a matter of time before someone posts the CG character endings, and I DO NOT want to see them first that way. I want to earn them myself. ^_^

      • I want to see all the fancy cutscenes and endings on my nice HDTV, not Youtube!

        I can’t believe I searched up “Tekken 6 Ending Vids” on Youtube today, if there had been any, I couldn’t have resisted. Naughty me!!!

      • Yeah, don’t put yourself into that situation. Heheh

      • DAMN! I almost spoiled Lili’s for myself. Somone posted a really blurry, badly shot vid of it, and I couldn’t resist. Good thing it was worthless… you couldn’t read the subtitles so even though I kinda saw it, it’s still not totally spoiled.

        Man, gotta be strong and resist these spoilers…

      • Must… resist… Youtube!


        *exasperated sigh*

        This is going to be the longest weekend of my life, followed by the longest Monday, and the longest school session on Tuesday.

  3. Must… Resist urge to break into Gamestop ><!

  4. Gaaaaaaaah! Lucky!!!!

  5. Which version of the game did you pre-order? American, Asian, or Japanese?

  6. LOL, I need to learn to read better. U.S. version!

  7. Yeah, when I read this post and the saw the one at the forum I was like… HAH HAH!

  8. Looks like I jumped the gun. The US versions of PS3 Tekken 6 at PA are still set for Oct. 27 (or maybe the 26, hope-hope). Oh well. ^_^

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