Hi-res Tekken 6 Screens at GamiKaze, Official JP Site Updated

Asuka and Roger Junior re-enact the famous dance scene from Pulp Fiction.

Game site GamiKaze just posted 15 high quality screenshots and CG art from Tekken 6 for consoles. The images include nice, big renders of Lili Rochefort and Roger Junior in their Extra Console Outfits, so all of you who get turned on at teen dream underboob or fine marsupial flesh (eew) can get your fill. Heheh. Oh, and there are some in-game screenshots of action in these EX outfits as well. All nice to use for some snappy wallpapers on your desktop or such. Check the graphical gorgeousness here.

Will hatred or friendship prevail over these two hotties?

Also, the Official Japanese Tekken 6 site has updated. The Extra Costume section (it’s under Game System) has finally been filled up, revealing Mecha-Kazuya. Also, the long-dormant Character section is now open- what’s cool is the layout of the page, which has all the character art bunched up like a mad class photo. It’s all in Japanese of course but worth seeing at least, if you can spare the time (and who among us doesn’t have time to kill?).

Just a few more days to go, everyone. One day, then the weekend… and we all know weekends move by fast. I have a lot planned for when I get my copy, so stay tuned… well, for those of you who still don’t have the game by early next week. We’ll wing it, as things go. Later then!


13 Responses to “Hi-res Tekken 6 Screens at GamiKaze, Official JP Site Updated”

  1. Master_Rahl Says:

    The lonegamer there’s Tekken 6 console version A LIVE STREAM LIVE STREAM right now!!!

  2. It looks like he has a preview build of the game since the online option isn’t on the menu. Or he could have gotten a pirated version of the preview build… or something stupid.

    Whatever the case I’ve got mine bought and ready to be picked up in 5 more DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i much prefer oxm instead of 360 and 360 gamer, they are losers, OXM are casual gamers, 360 gamer are just plain wierd, there is planty a fault with SFIV yet they gave that 10/10 they ought to be locked up

  4. tekken 6 given 9/10 by OXM UK calling it the most complete fighter around and also giving it no faults

  5. Nice to see Roger Jr.’s mum…

    Still hoping there’s a custom to allow the removal of the bones being held.

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