Boxes of Kick-Ass

Namco-Bandai… WHY do you torment me so???

Oh, look what’s just been posted over at Namco-Bandai’s official Tekken Facebook Page. Ooh… boxes and boxes of Tekken 6 copies for both PS3 and Xbox360! Somewhere out there, my freakin’ copies are just sitting around when they should be on a goshdarned supersonic jet, being transported by MOSSAD-trained couriers with directives to reach me as soon as humanly possible and orders to KILL ANYONE WHO TRIES TO GET IN THEIR WAY!!!! GYYYYAAAAAAHHHH!!!

Ahem. Well, at least this more or less guarantees lots of stocks ready as the world prepares to welcome the first real Tekken sequel after five years (Tekken 5 came out in 2004, after all). Man, I can’t wait. Next week is gonna be crazy.

But damn, we still have to get past this weekend…


20 Responses to “Boxes of Kick-Ass”

  1. I nearly scream when I saw these photos! OMG! I cant wait!

  2. Wolly gator Says:

    well there shouldn’t be any delays then lol

  3. OMG I cannot breathe….Almost there!!

    • I just saw the CGI Intro of Scenario Campaign, Lars really does punch an RPG…

      • They’re really setting Lars up as a Major Badass. I really like what I am seeing. The cutscenes are interesting, but a bit slow-paced. I can see where some people may find it boring, but those who like to just watch will enjoy it. Like me.

    • Yeah, I’m seeing it. Really hard not to resist…

    • Yep. Awesome stuff. I’d love to do a stream if I could, but probably not. People will get bored as I like to take things slow. ^_^

      • on you tube there is someone having the game already piracy copy but still. for us eu players still a weak to go. days run so slow

      • I can’t condone piracy, but it’s what happens when games take so long to come out, and the Xbox360 is busted open for it. PS3 is still all legit though still. I say, buy the game, people. It’s worth full price and more.

      • I think I was able to save the footage that I saw. If so, expect it on my YouTube channel sometime tomorrow. ^_^

      • Yes, it is easy to download the clips, once they are recorded (I’ve already DL’ed the SC clips). However, I caution you with uploading that footage as your account may get nuked. Maybe not likely, but if your YT channel has been up a long time it may not be worth losing it for this. Anyway, up to you.

      • I tried recording but I was late in getting the CGI opening. Not to mention it’s sucking all my bandwidth. *checks net limit* Eeeeeeek! Only got 1GB left. >.< But I cannot resist. It's too good.

        John, which youtube video is this? Link please?

      • Resist man. It’s only a few more days. AAAAAAHHHH

      • thats the link. i think that the developers deserve the money for this game so i wouldnt fell well stealing them of it have a ps3 so basically no choice but for a game this big i would never steal it., btw just downloaded from the us psn tekken 2 for my psp positive memorys comes back and i am surprised couse thats my second day and i am still playn it , cpu on hard is a little of a challange hope that keep me going through next friday. envy you american guys =(

  4. Ashesfall Says:

    oh man this screenshot makes me sick i cant wait the nights are so hard oh man i am 26 years old and i feel like ja child on christmas ^^

  5. how the hell did he manage to get it

  6. I’m going to stay off Youtube for a while, don’t want any spoilers.

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