Tekken Movie to Premiere this November!

Ready for the big screen?

WHOA! Believe it or not, the live-action Tekken movie is apparently finished and getting ready to show. Who’d have thought??

The Tekken movie will be shown at American Film Market at Mann’s Criterion Theatre Santa Monica on Thursday, Nov. 5th – 5:00 PM and Monday, Nov. 9th – 3:00 PM. This was comfirmed on the American Film Market website and by MMA fighter Roger Huerta on MMAMadness.com Radio. Huerta plays Tekken 6 newcomer Miguel Caballero Rojo in the Tekken film.

Check out the entry for the Tekken movie at the American Film Market here.

Well now… that’s a surprise. I love it when a plan comes together. So then, if you Tekken-heads are in the area in early November and can tear yourself away from your consoles for a night, why not scope out the Tekken movie? The best thing that could happen is that it might actually be decent. The worst thing… well… it might have you running and screaming all the way back to the solace of the actual game, which still isn’t that bad in any case. Heheh… We’ll see.


10 Responses to “Tekken Movie to Premiere this November!”

  1. It can’t be as bad as the Legend of Chun-Li, Mortal Kombat Annihilation, Street Fighter: The Movie, DOA: The Movie, and King of Fighters The Movie.

  2. Sweet. More excited about this than the game, which has been a bit overexposed. That said, if they showed something of the film right now i’d be all over it. 🙂

  3. Wolly gator Says:

    hmm it could be alright if they do it right and don’t muck up the story to much and make characters look totally wrong etc

  4. after reading about how bad ChunLi was. dont have much hopes for the tekken movie (the poster looks like a ripoff of Titans tower for crissakes)

    only good thing is, they do have quite a lot of real martial artists in the movie :/

  5. well this is probably a stupid question but a stupid question is one not asked so will this movie be available in near b theaters or is it just in select theaters

  6. I’m a BIG Tekken fan and although I don’t expect much from this film I will say that it can’t be that bad as movies like DOA or Street Fighter, Legend of Chun Li although they were not good they were still watchable.

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