Tekken 6 Video Preview at Gametrailers

Gametrailers has just posted a slick new video preview of the console versions of Tekken 6. It’s a pretty impressive spot, showing off some nice customization screens and cool action, with the voiceover citing particularly positive praise for the game (although it’s weird that they missed mentioning Lars and Miguel as new characters). According to the narrator, GT’s final review for the game is due out at the end of the month… by that time most of us will have our copy already, so it will probably be irrelevant. Still, I hope it’s a great review, particularly how GT has been a big part of marketing Tekken 6 all these months.

Anyway, check out the HD preview here. Tekken 6 is out on PS3 and Xbox360 next week, October 27, in the US. The Japanese release is set for Oct. 30.


10 Responses to “Tekken 6 Video Preview at Gametrailers”

  1. I noticed they didnt mention Leo’s gender :-/

  2. Why weren’t Lars and Miguel mentioned?
    I mean they are also new fighters but on the whole it was a nice vid!

    Thnx 🙂

  3. 360 magazine just posted a shitty review of tekken 6 4/5 slagging of scenario campaign and the character endings calling them both a bad joke

  4. can you believe that shitty 360 gamer said that t6’s customization was tacked-on, what the f**k does that mean, they are such losers

    • Meh. These idiots can rag on Tekken 6 all they like. The game will overcome their stupidity because it’s awesome, and players will find that out for themselves. Just concentrate on waiting for the game, man, and when it arrives, enjoy it and let everyone know. That’s all we can do as fans to kick these hacks in the balls.

    • The customizations are just about as well designed as the original costumes!

      Seriously, what were they expecting? A thousand customs per-character?

  5. Wolly gator Says:

    In my opinion the most important review of any game is your own review sure its good to see others like it to but to me its what do I thnk of the graphics what do I think of scenario campaign what do I think of the new customization mode etc any way im also looking forward to thelonegamer Review since it should be very in depth much like your character countdown which i enjoined reading to

  6. Wolly gator Says:

    plus i enjoyed the old Tekken Force mode and reviews always slagged that off and dull etc but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it

  7. good point

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