Ultra Jump Egg’s Tekken Comic

Asuka Kazama stars in this collaboration between Namco and Ultra Jump Egg.

Well, whaddaya know… there’s an actual Tekken Comic! Produced by Namco-Bandai and Ultra Jump Egg– an online flash comic site- this manga tells the story of the Tekken 6 fighters, albeit in a bit more light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek manner than you’d expect.

Yes, it’s still the same overall story- Jin Kazama just declared the Mishima Zaibatsu an independent nation and has demanded that the world recognize the new Mishima Nation- however 40 countries have rejected his advances, resulting in his declaration of war. There’s a bit of fast action as we see Tekken Force commandos doing some bad deeds, including apparently taking over the UN(!). The war doesn’t seem to any reason to stop the Tekken Tournament matches, and we then see Paul Phoenix (who’s looking a bit ragged) engaging in a prize fight against Craig Marduk. Yeah, Marshall Law and Steve Fox are in the crowd and they’re portrayed as being a bit underhanded in trying to win the tournament (via Law planting some laxative-laced Chinese food in Marduk’s locker room). Pretty wild stuff!

The bulk of the story though soon shifts as an intruder barges into the arena, none other than the busty and bubbly Asuka Kazama herself. As per her Tekken 6 story, she’s come to knock Jin out for being a world-class ass. Unfortunately for her, the Tekken Force (headed by a pretty cool Eddy Gordo!) subdues her and she’s subsequently thrown out (gently though). Forced to return home for now, Asuka returns to normal life… until a certain blonde-haired, panty-flashing heiress parachutes into her space and before we know it, a fight’s about to break out!

Also appearing in the manga (albeit briefly) are Xiaoyu, Lili, Dragunov, Bob, Raven, Kuma (kinda) and King (oddly enough, two Kings appear with Craig, supposedly King the First and King the Second!), with an appearance by Asuka’s previously unseen father and a cameo by the late Jun Kazama. There’s quite a bit of action (but not too much), but more than a fair share of fan service- including an Asuka shower scene!

The Tekken Comic is nicely illustrated by artist Rui Takato and not too serious- it’s pretty entertaining, particularly for fans of the game who are currently waiting for the release of the console versions of Tekken 6. The comic so far has two chapters, or ‘Battles’ posted online, with the next installment set for early November. You can check out the Tekken Comic for yourself (thankfully there’s an option for english translations) here.


24 Responses to “Ultra Jump Egg’s Tekken Comic”

  1. Damn Asuka. My wish has come true.

  2. Famitsu scored Tekken 6!

    [PSP/PS3/360]Tekken 6 8/9/8/9

  3. wooo! god I love fan service 😀 😀 😀

  4. Does anyone notice that in the first comic when Marduk appears, he’s with King “the second” AND KING “THE FIRST”?

    Observation – King 1st was supposed to be dead, thanks to the attack of Ogre

    • Yeah, this was kinda odd. A possibility is that the manga is non-canon and just assumes that the original King is still alive. Or maybe the third King is just a stand-in. Who knows…

    • According to tekken 6 there are three kings. King the first had a brother who was also called armor king. Another fact is that orge did not killed king the first, it was marduk who injured him and he died in the hospital.

      • cavon evans Says:

        mate i think your wrong but im pretty sure there was a revalation in tekken 5 where armor king had a brother,king the 1st was killed by ogre and so in tekken 3 1 of the orphans from kings orpanage took his place to support the orphanage, armor king was killed by marduk in tekken 4 but a new armor had appeared

  5. asuka in the ultra jump egg art is so hot! love the picture!

  6. Versasovantare Says:

    I just read it, and while I thought the way Lili landed on Asuka was pretty stupid, her dialogue afterwards is fantastic. Lili is wonderfully demented.

  7. baliosunder Says:

    is it possible to download the comic, rather than just read it on the site?

  8. Goth_Loli Says:

    Man! Lili is damn pretty in this manga =P

  9. i cant see chapter 3 and chatpter 2 any help? one battle 1 and battle 4 are seen

  10. Why aren’t battle 2 and 3 viewable, it only shows 1 and 4.

    Asuka looks kinda hot though.

  11. i no u have tornament think so battle?

  12. u just so think to batttle tornament for winning award say yes?

  13. Anyone out there who managed to screencap Chapter 3?

  14. Whats up, I’m from Tekkenpedia.com, and I’m making a page base on the story of this comic, if u are a user of Tekkenpedia.com please help me edit the page better..

  15. ya it only shows the 1st chapter and last chapter. anyone have a link to all the chapters cant find them anywhere ;(

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