Famitsu of Japan scores Tekken 6 (Updated)

The October 20 issue of Famitsu of Japan has given several review scores for the latest upcoming games, including the impending Tekken 6 for PS3 and Xbox360.

This snippet from the Famitsu review, from 1Up:
Tekken 6 (9/8/8/8, 33/40 points for both the PS3 and 360 versions): “I’m just overwhelmed by the 40-character roster,” one writer said. “That alone gave me a lot to play with.” Reviewers had many good things to say about the core arcade game, which “lets you enjoy the dynamic combat that’s a hallmark of this series,” but the original campaign mode isn’t quite so hot: “The campaign mode gives you a lot of backstory in the movies, but the action itself is pretty bland.”

What can i say? That’s pretty daft, I think. The Scenario Campaign, no matter how bad (and I don’t think it is), should not impact so hard on the score when the base game is awesome and untouched, since it’s an extra over and above what was expected. What kind of message is that to developers? Don’t do anything extra, your score will simply go down. What a load of rubbish. Tekken 6 deserves better. But reviews really don’t matter these days… it’s all about players and gamers who get the game and enjoy it. And as sure as I know the sun is gonna rise tomorrow, I know Tekken 6 is freakin’ awesome. More awesome than 33/40, at the very least.

Asuka sez, “Tekken 6 is the best fighting game this year, and it’s gonna kick Famitsu’s ASS!”

Tekken 6 is out this coming Oct. 27 for the US, followed by a Japanese release on Oct. 30.


14 Responses to “Famitsu of Japan scores Tekken 6 (Updated)”

  1. PSM3 UK gave the game a 70%…. are they retarded or something?

  2. i havent seen the review

  3. Wolly Gator Says:

    Even the most best of games there are always those reviews that think otherwise although they are usually a minority

  4. Wolly gator Says:

    Hello people im not that new here this is my first time commenting I’m a huge Tekken fan have been playing since Tekken 2 and still own all of them now except Tekken 6 which is not out just yet lol my favorite characters are Ogre/true ogre and Unknown Armor king and Heihachi

  5. Wolly Gator Says:

    LOL the game gets slower with each installment they are contradicting themselves it was slow back in the days of tekken and tekken 2 but from tekken 3 onwards it got faster and more funner etc

  6. Those guys probably don’t even know 1 BNB combo with 1 character.

  7. PSM3 can take their Bizarroland reasoning and shove it up their dirty ass. In any case, their shitty stuff isn’t registering elsewhere online- so far it’s still just the Play UK review (which is at least a magazine that’s been around as long as Tekken has) and Famitsu. I hope more reviews pop up with more sense soon so this ugly crap can be forgotten. Whatever…

  8. yeah i second that emocative well said

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