Tekken 6 Console: Xbox360 Match Vids

Till death do they part…

Youtube channel SuperArcadeBox is posting a bunch of match vids from the Xbox360 version of Tekken 6. The first one has Lili Rochefort thoroughly kicking butt in her scandalously sexy Oh! Great-designed Extra Console Outfit. Sharp-eyed players will notice that Lili’s fighting without her outfit’s veil, showing a bit of customization one can do with the extra costume. Also shown in the vid are hilariously cool comic book-style hit effects, a customization previously only available in Japanese and Korean arcades. Check out the videos here.

Asuka’s chic dress, boots and poofy scarf outfit in action.


4 Responses to “Tekken 6 Console: Xbox360 Match Vids”

  1. Man for a second their I thought that was Kane playing as Drag and I was like… “what the hell?” But then I reread the title and saw that he was the one that picked Lili.

  2. That’s the Xbox version too and it looks great. Guess there’s no need to worry now.

  3. sure yeah why don’t we start about what TTT2 can have online wise, i think a proper tournement mode would be awesome or a survival mode just for online, players could compete against each other to see how many wins they could get against eachother. Another survival mode could be first to fifty wins, if you get k.oed you respawn in 2mins

    Scenario wise i think an awesome minigame called collesseum would be an awesome addition as some dlc there are different pickups and perks that you could find throughout the map, it could have four player co-op where you could just gut it out against the tekken force another elemant of strategy could be that if you calibrate the four boss doors you could control a boss for a minute or so if all players are k.oed game over what do you think of it ive drawn up the plans and everything



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