Namco Video Podcast shows off Tekken 6 Customization

Here’s the latest episode of Namco’s Video Podcasting Magazine, and they show off some footage of the Character Customization feature in the console version of Tekken 6. Not a lot of stuff, and they show the squealy hosts more than they do the game, but what the heck… it’s something to watch. It’s all in Japanese, but well, I guess you can get the idea… they like the Customization. There’s even a bit where I think they’re talking about Leo’s gender based on his/her calves… or I may be wrong. Heheh…

Anyway, it’s kind of a slow start to the last week of waiting, but stay tuned- reviews may be forthcoming this week, and hopefully so will more vids. There’s still a chance for the game to break street date and cause a commotion (heheh). I’m hoping the game shops ship their preorders by the weekend or just before the 27th. Who knows? Crossing fingers. More as we get it, people.


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