Tekken 6 Character Countdown Part 44 EXTRA: Azazel

The Big Boss.

MAN! Has it really been 44 weeks? This was indeed a LONG and fun series of articles, and I must say I truly looked forward to every new entry. Each new post in this Countdown was fashioned on the fly, just for fun, even though for the most part staying as close or as accurate to canon as I could… with a bit of Lone Gamer style thrown in. Even though we finish this whole shebang STILL without a copy of Tekken 6 in our hands, next week should see us playing it finally, and after it all we still have 44 fun posts to chronicle our long wait. I hope you all enjoyed reading these articles as much as I enjoyed writing them, and I hope that, even in a little bit, they helped make the Tekken vigil a wee bit easier. Anyway, enough mushing…

The LAST entry in the Countdown is, well, THE Big Kahuna. He’s the Final Boss of Tekken 6, most assuredly a malevolent being whose origins lie steeped in antiquity who now stands to threaten all of humanity. If this fearsome entity is unleashed upon the world, mankind may be reduced to smoldering ashes. He’s the Great Beast of Dark Prophecy, the Swooping Demon of Legend, the Master of Swarming Daggers… he’s Azazel.

Distinguishing Features: Two story-tall Crystalline Dragon-beastie wearing Egyptian Pharaoh attire. Hordes of crystal scarabs crawling and flying all around like deadly dandruff. Stench of death and decay.

Strengths: Where do we begin? Can probably throws trucks and main battle tanks around like kid’s toys when he’s pissed. Possesses laser beam attacks and teleportation, can summon scarab swarms to do his bidding, can raise deadly pillars from the ground, uses vicious claws and tail attacks… oh, and we did mention that he’s about two stories tall, right?

Weaknesses: He has patterns, which may be exploited… provided you figure them out before you end up stuck to the bottom of his clawed foot.

Affiliation: None save the cause of Chaos, Destruction and Entropy! YOU WILL ALL PERISH IN FLAMES!!!

Background: The name Azazel is similar to that of a mysterious, demon-like figure in Jewish and Hebrew scriptures. In the film ‘Fallen’ Azazel was the name given to the invisible presence- literally a fallen angel- that possessed men to do evil deeds (and sing a bad rendition of “Time is on my side…”).

In the Tekken universe, however, Azazel is an ancient evil sealed in Royal Tombs guarded by a secret sect of Evil Vanquishers, represented by newcomer Zafina. Azazel’s origins are whispered secrets passed down through generations of scholars, and with the impending alignment of dark constellations and the heralded meeting of two ‘evil stars’, his release from his ages-old imprisonment is imminent. Few are aware of this impending threat to humanity, save those gifted with the sight of premonition and prophecy…

Character Analysis: Ah, the Big Bad. In this case, he’s literally BIG. The most massive character ever (although Nancy may give him a run for his money) to appear yet in a Tekken game, Azazel is surely an intimidating sight the first time you see him looming over your fighter, raining down brutal assaults like rain. All that any valiant Tekken fighter can do is persevere and not be afraid of this oversized lizard. Master blocking, sidestepping and combos to lay this dark being low and preserve the world for future Iron Fist Tournaments!

So what does the future hold for this wicked warlock? Demonic world-destroying bosses are notoriously short-lived in Tekken- surely Azazel will be defeated by somebody when all is said and done, most probably permanently. Which leaves to question what Zafina’s reason will be for joining any future tournaments when he bites the dust at the end. In any case, Azazel is surely a boss to remember, so enjoy him (or to be more exact, enjoy kicking his ass) while he’s here.


And that’s IT! Our Tekken 6 Character Countdown is ended. Next week, we hope to have Tekken 6 in our PS3 and Xbox360. After we get a bit of playtime in (give us a week or so), the inevitable Lone Gamer review will follow. For now, till then and after, our coverage of the game will continue, of course. So stay tuned!

Tekken 6 is out on PS3 and Xbox360 this coming October 27. A PSP release is expected sometime after.


7 Responses to “Tekken 6 Character Countdown Part 44 EXTRA: Azazel”

  1. He’s cool looking and all, but I’m hoping he’s not as cheap as Jinpachi was. Also, has anyone ever given thought as to why only a few people would know about a catastropic danger? Seriously, you’d think they’d tell more people about it instead of keeping it to themselves…I personally would like to know if some evil demon thing that wants to destroy the world is coming back to life. Anyway, I enjoyed the article. I always liked the character countdowns, and I’ll be a little sad knowing that there’s no more.

  2. I hope Azazel is playable in some of the offline modes, like Jinpachi in Tekken 5 DRO. It must serve for some amusement to have all that power! Puhreeeze Namco? Puhretty Puhreeeze?

  3. ich wollte mal fragen ob man azazel spielen kann ich hab alles versucht ihn freizuschalten??
    kennt jmd eine lösung

  4. I just killed him with Devil Jin at the arena;and there’s no crabs (or oder ‘:[)
    if you’ll look closly, you will discover that the so called “crabs” are Egeptian junk beetles (you know… like in symbols). he is very tough, i onley maneged to kill him with Devil Jin.

  5. oh and i don’t think he is playable… 😡

  6. the king of the worled azazel

  7. neo kidz Says:

    i’v kicked his ass so much that he has become like a domestic pet to me

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