SD-Tekken Podcast: Episode 1

SD-Tekken’s first podcast is UP! This debut features everything about Tekken 6 and then some.

From SD-Tekken: Tune in as we chat about the console versions of TEKKEN 6 and talk about the Tekken community as a whole. We also cover other fighting game news, arcade sticks, and what to do if you’re new to TEKKEN or interested in improving your game. Special Guest, Harry Chang from AKSYS Games (BlazBlue).

This is pretty much the most detailed, most in-depth source of STUFF on Tekken 6 for the console, from the guys who genuinely love and care for this awesome fighter… a MUST if you’re obsessing about T6, like I am.

A BIG Thank You to MarkMan and his crew for this labor of love, and thanks as well for the Shout Out! Man, this is going to hold me over till release. Hahaha!

Get SD-Tekken’s First Podcast here!
Length: 1 hr. 42 seconds (Some language may be inappropriate for minors).
Credits: Mark Julio, Ace Roa, Harry Chang, Nathan Aguilera, Gerald Orofino, Neil Aguilera, Faye Mata & SDT


8 Responses to “SD-Tekken Podcast: Episode 1”

  1. Answered your question!

  2. You also got a shout-out!

  3. Loved the podcast- tons of great in-depth info from the guys who are lucky enough to have a review copy and care so much about it so that they really, really KNOW about it. I particularly loved how they remarked about how crisp the game looks in 1080p, which should quell all those misgivings about the game having sub-HD resolution and all that nonsense. I am going to listen to the ‘cast a lot as we wait till release day, dudes. Hahaha!

    • Gonna write your impressions on it?

      • Probably not- rather than noting what I found best about it which other people may not find as interesting, the best thing would be for everyone to just listen to the podcast for themselves. In any case, any feedback is best given directly to MarkMan and SDT rather than posting about it on the blog. That way they can take it into account for the next episodes.

  4. Nice. Just finished it. I’m going to send MarkMan a PM asking for a free Arcade stick on Tekken Nation. LOL!

    Cool that he mentioned Tekken Nation though, after all, it only started the February of this year.

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