More Tekken 6: In-game Cutscene, Gameplay!

More Tekken 6 footage! More! MORE!!!

Here’s another video preview of Tekken 6 for consoles from Youtube channel GolemDE, this time from Germany! This 4-minute montage of footage shows off quite a bit of stuff- aside from your usual VS battle action and snippets from the intro there’s actually some cool, never-before-seen bits: Asuka Kazama in a bit of Scenario Campaign action as well as a look at one of the new mode’s in-game cutscenes with Alisa and Lars. Check it out!


11 Responses to “More Tekken 6: In-game Cutscene, Gameplay!”

  1. Damnit I’m at work and can’t view youtube videos ; _ ;

  2. Well… I like seeing the new cinematic snippets, but I’m tired of seeing these people getting copies of the game that have no skill whatsoever… they are really making the game look bad by mashing 1,1,1,1,1 down+3, 1,1,1,1,1. It’s so embarrassing to watch.

  3. Why the hell would bob go infront of the gunman to knock his gun away, you’d go to the side, god how thick is this guy

  4. Sure, I’ll respond. I don’t know why Bob would to the front of the gunman to get at his weapon. It’s quite odd, to say the least. But, that’s what Namco decided to do when they made that cutscene. I will say this though, at first I didn’t really like Bob, but I’ve come around to liking him, maybe because I became used to seeing him.

  5. yey ive got a responder

  6. Would you like for me to respond more often? I usually just read the articles and the comments, but I don’t state my opinion on things. I just find it interesting to see what others have to say. I even go to forum sites just to see what people have to say…but I never respond to anything. I guess I just like staying on the outside of things.

  7. please do

  8. This weekend’s been kind of boring…I’m expecting more stuff to happen this week, since last week there was quite a bit of videos released with some awesome cutscenes and whatnot. It really made my day when I got off duty (particularly the parts concerning scenario campaign, Lars is something else). Also, Bob, do you like to have discussations, because it seems like you would like to, judging from your posts?

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