Giant Bomb previews Tekken 6

Gaming site Giant Bomb takes a ‘quick look’ at the upcoming Ultimate Fighter, Tekken 6 (PS3 version)… as in, about a half-hour’s worth of gameplay and funny banter. The whole time is spent playing VS Battle once more, although we do get a nice look at Ling Xiaoyu’s TapouT shirt customization in gameplay. It’s nice and all but… still, man… can’t all these game sites show more than just basic VS gameplay? Will it KILL these guys to CUSTOMIZE a fighter? Any fighter? GYYYYYAAAHHHHH!!!!

Sorry… should’ve taken my pills…

Aaaanyway… this is a nice chunk of gameplay footage to tide us over as the wait for Tekken 6 continues. Check out the vid here.


One Response to “Giant Bomb previews Tekken 6”

  1. god what crap, don’t they know we dont care about their skills we just wanna see the bloody game

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