The Bobcast features Tekken 6

No, it’s not a podcast… it’s a BOBcast!

Youtube channel PlayworksMag just posted a hefty video preview of the console version of Tekken 6, with the correspondents visitng Namco-Bandai’s offices and taking a look at the review build. The preview spans almost 7 minutes and runs through a lot of stuff- they play with a bunch of the new characters, show off a bit of training mode and get into the Scenario Campaign mode (which they dubbed the ‘Adventure’ mode), yet again showing some footage of Lars looking like a total bad-ass.

As is often the case, the reporters don’t know much about the latest Tekken, saying in fact that the last one they played was Tekken 3- the guy even busts out a classic 10-hit combo. Heh. Anyway, regardless this is a good watch and shows off the game’s features quite nicely. There’s even an extra bit of Tekken talk and stuff after the preview for dessert.

I’m expecting a lot more previews and reviews to pop up very soon as the wait dwindles down to one-digit numbers. More as we get it, guys and girls.


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