Tekken 6 Preview: Scenario Campaign Intro, Gameplay

Yep, it’s just 12 days to go to the home release of Tekken 6 for consoles, but that doesn’t mean I’m relaxing in any way to find every bit of video and news I can on this Ultimate Fighter. Well, here’s yet another video preview of the game from Multiplayer.It, and although it’s in Italian you don’t really need to understand what the voiceover is saying to enjoy a nice long look at the Scenario Campaign Mode’s action-packed intro movie. Check it out!

Lars and company in action!

Fortunately they don’t show too much, but just enough to whet our appetites. It looks like SC is going to be a pretty meaty romp that should excite gamers who enjoy the Tekken storyline. I can’t wait to get into it.

Tekken 6 is set for release on PS3 and Xbox360 on October 27.


One Response to “Tekken 6 Preview: Scenario Campaign Intro, Gameplay”

  1. Ashesfall Says:

    Great Buddy
    you only need this page and get all infos


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