Tekken 6 Console Screencaps!

SD-Tekken has just posted two batches of too-cool screencaps from the console versions of Tekken 6. Taken right from their review copies of the game, the screens show samples of menu screens, snippets of the intro, various modes, story mode prologue art and even a few bits of ending cinemas! Nothing too spoilerific, anyways. Check them out if you haven’t already here.

As part of the best and biggest Tekken fan site online, SDT’s MarkMan and Castel have even been honored as well by Namco-Bandai with places in the game credits. Too awesome! As for the (much-delayed) SDT Tekken 6 Podcast, it should come very soon. More on this as I get it.


6 Responses to “Tekken 6 Console Screencaps!”

  1. Give me the podcast. 😦

  2. Oh thats right!


    Check it out.

    I’m the current undisputed champion.

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