One year ago…

…today, the official Tekken 6 site was launched.

It was a slick-looking site, with slightly-animated figures of Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima glaring at each other, their clothing fluttering in some heavy breeze. The weird creaking noise and sound effects made the whole thing feel more like Mortal Kombat than Tekken though. The site was pretty bare, with only a small gallery of screenshots and a non-operational ‘Sign Up for Updates’ button. This was to be the place where Tekken-heads would look for months and months, to no avail, until the whole thing was eventually replaced by the current official game site. Man, has it really been a year since then? HOW the heck did we wait so patiently all this time without going MAD?

Now, we’re barely two weeks from the release of our much-awaited fighting game. But if history truly repeats itself, we may remember that last year, another Namco-Bandai fighter was released prematurely. Soulcalibur IV broke release date by a week, with several lucky bastards spilling gameplay and cinemas on Youtube for a while before their stuff was unceremoniously nuked by copyright claims. Unless NB learns their lesson and keeps a tight lid on copies, that may happen again, perhaps next week. Also, bootleg copies of the Xbox360 game may emerge as well. So much can happen.

In any case, I have already preordered my PS3 copy, and I hope it comes sooner rather than later. Things should move fairly fast in the very near future, so let’s all just keep our heads as the final previews and reviews are released, and we get our grimy hands on this game. I plan to do quite a bit of stuff on this once it’s on the way, once I get the game, and well after. After all this investment, it’s gonna pay off, and then some. More as I get it peeps. Later then!


5 Responses to “One year ago…”

  1. michael (ultimate fan) Says:

    i’ve been following you for about a year, and i have to say, you are a true genius when it comes to writing articles for tekken and not that sdtekken or tekken zaibatsu is any good, but you are morte original and humourous.this last article about all the intros made me feel at home with tekken. i personally own every tekken to date, including the one for gameboy advance and the japanese card game. these intros really made realize the progress and awesome appeal in every intro and thankyou. you were the only fansite to get info on gallery and cg ending info. but one more thing, you are so hidden, and no-homo but what dou look like and do live in California?

    • Thanks, Michael. It’s nice to know people enjoy the writing- I just do what comes to mind at any given time. As for me being ‘hidden’, no such thing. You can find who I am in the site. I’m a thirty-ish guy in the Philippines who loves playing games.

      • michael (ultimate fan) Says:

        how long have you been playing tekken?. my tekken on the psone is tekken 3, for the ps2 it would be between tekken tag and 4 and 6(br) is a superb latest installment. my favorite character is nina, whos yours? are you going to get the american bundle, japanese or european but you are in the phillipines, which copy are you going to get.

  2. I’ve been playing Tekken since the original game. I kinda drifted away during the time of Tekken 4, but Tekken 5 and 6 won me back. I’ve already preordered my PS3 copy (US) and am waiting for it with great anticipation.

    I’ve always liked Nina, but lately I’ve been playing mainly with Asuka and Lili. ^_^

  3. the secret achievos for t6 will be hardcore ones, say like
    Hardcore: Win 10 online matches in a row
    Hardcore: Win SC on Ultra Hard
    Hardcore: Gain highest rank in online and keep your title for a month while playing each day

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