Tekken 6 Console: Getting into Gallery Mode

There’s a bit of wailing and wringing of hands these days with graphics nutters going all ape-shit with resolution issues on the console versions. Sub-HD aside, there are things that the home games have which make them far and away better and more desirable for me than any arcade version. One of these is the Gallery Mode, and the tons of stuff you can watch in it that you’ll never see in your public playhouse. Here’s what’s in store for us…

Movie Theater will give you access to the Opening Intro (which every Tekken fan has probably watched to death by now). Here’s also where you get to watch the 40+ CG Endings for the fighters. Yes, the standard CG character epilogues are back, and from the few glimpses of a few screencaps online they look to be as gorgeous as the Intro in quality and detail.

I assume Prologue is where we are shown the backstories of each of the fighters, all illustrated nicely with some sexy full-color artwork. Some Prologue art screens have leaked online, and they look brilliant. In terms of the story mode, I’m kinda worried that the interlude cutscenes from Tekken 5 may be gone, but maybe they’re still in there somewhere.

Scenario Campaign Prologue starts off the console versions’ new major mode, and should include an illustrated history of the Tekken storyline. The meat of this though is, as far as I know, a very lengthy pre-rendered CG movie showing Bloody Rebel Lars Alexandersson and his troops breaking into a high-security Zaibatsu installation. According to IGN, the intro is pretty over-the-top, with the Swedish Supersoldier punching RPGs in the face. This prologue supposedly runs for more than 15 minutes- so break out the popcorn for the first time you play SC.

Scenario Campaign Cinematics surely stands for all the storytelling moments we’ll be treated to as Lars and Alisa encounter the rest of the Tekken 6 population all over their lengthy adventure. How many is unknown, but we can expect at least every single fighter to appear in at least one cutscene so there may literally be dozens to watch. I expect a few will be your standard Lars meets So-and-So, exchange a line or two, then Lars and So-and-So FIGHT. However, some may be a bit meatier- such as Lars’ meeting with Wang, as they apparently discuss issues such as human-robot sex (I’m kidding, of course). Another cool scene hinted at is a meeting with Raven and Nancy, which should make fans of the Ninja Snipes cheer in glee.
I’m hoping that, since these cutscenes are in real time, that you can eventually customize the characters in them as you please. Since a dramatic confrontation is all the more exciting when everyone’s wearing HOT PINK.

Alisa’s Journal has been glimpsed in a few vids- the robotic Russian hottie seems to be part chronicler and tutor as you move through Scenario Campaign, so things should be easy to keep track of.

Credits will let us look through all the names of the Project Tekken team, perhaps scrolling by with cool music and the game’s artwork. Good for one watch and then to be skipped over forever more.

And finally, there’s Replay. Here’s where you’ll find your saved matches. I’m not sure if you can save data from every mode- at the very least you can save VS matches (offline and online), but it would be cool if you can also record footage from Ghost Battle, Time Attack or Time Trial or even Arcade or Practice as well.
What can you do with the data replays? Can you adjust or change views? Switch character costumes? Turn the blur on or off? Fast forward, pause and rewind? Can you output the replays as video files? Since this is data, the matches will be played back using the in-game engine so these options should be available. Hopefully the devs put a lot into this, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

WHEW! So much stuff. We’re all plainly gonna have tons of fun with the eye candy in the console versions. For now, keep yourself occupied with something as we excruciate towards release day- if you can, avoid spoiler screens and vids which are sure to pop up along the way. Just a little bit more waiting to go, people!

Tekken 6 is set for release on PS3 and Xbox360 on October 27.


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