1UP Game Night with Tekken 6, Part Deux

1Up and Gamevideos have posted the recorded version of Game Night with Tekken 6. The lengthy play session with Namco-Bandai’s upcoming fighting game sequel is in three parts, totaling at about 45 minutes. The episode was officiated by 1Up’s Richard Li, and attended by tournament players Qyon Griffith, Nelson Laut and Jeff Nguy.

Those looking for a lot of questions answered and in-depth reveals of the game’s many modes, menus and goodies will without a doubt be disappointed after watching the videos- the whole time was mainly spent playing VS matches with stock/default/non-customized fighters. Several matches were played using some characters wearing their special, console-exclusive Extra Outfits- Lili in her Oh! Great-created Lady Gaga-Wedding Dress, Roger Jr. in his Cubone look, Lars in his ‘Naruto’ banana-head costume, and Kazuya in his Guyver suit.

Other than that though, there was little else. Richard only asked about 3 or so actual questions sent in by fans and gamers, although I have to say it was cool that he asked MY question first (which was basically asking about the items and customizations). Though the intros to the episode said that they would go through the single and multiplayer modes, they weren’t able to at all. There was just a short look at the Profile section, no mention of the Scenario Campaign, no looks at the Ghost Battle, Time Trial, Team Battle (which they could have used instead of just regular VS, really), no looking into the Data Save Replay function. Nothing about online functionality, which was kinda expected anyway.

The vids are still an entertaining watch for fighting game aficionados, if only for the general positive genre air- the banter was funny, and the players talked a lot about the active gaming communities, both for Tekken and some other fighting games, arcade scenes in Japan and other bits which will interest those into that kind of thing. Aside from that, well… that’s it.
The gameplay shown was fast and furious, competent to expert level, but it’s nothing you can’t see TONS of on Youtube. I really wish they at least customized their fighters at least with one item or so, or something so that they didn’t play with just the regular stock fighters.

So in the end, what can I say? I’ve been waiting for this particular episode of Game Night, and I came away entertained but unsatisfied at the content. You can’t however blame the players who would surely have wanted to show off the game as much as they could- they were apparently only directed to play VS and talk gaming community biz. Why the shortage of questions and showing of the game’s assets? In most other Game Nights they really go to town on the titles they showcase- why the change now? Even if you really make it a point to not show any spoiler materials, there were TONS of stuff that could have been shown without compromising the game for players.

Anyway, the best I can say is that the episode in general showed that Tekken 6 is loads and loads of fun and a gorgeous, brilliant fighting game without question. The thing is… we already know that. What we crave are the things we don’t know.

If we’re looking for more in-depth info to tide us over in the last couple of weeks’ wait for Tekken 6 console, we’re gonna have to look elsewhere, such as SD-Tekken’s upcoming podcast, which should be debuting sometime next week. More on that as we get it.

In case you missed the link above, you can find the Tekken 6 Game Night episodes here.


23 Responses to “1UP Game Night with Tekken 6, Part Deux”

  1. Yeah, too bad they didn’t show anything besides Versus. They were going to show Customization but stopped and went back to Versus :(.

  2. Shame…VS Mode only..Gaaah

  3. same noises from tekken 5 yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Yeah, it kind of sucked.

    Only so much VS. I can watch.


    OOOH I’ve got something to show you!



  5. Amazing find, Ryuhza! Thanks! Apparently someone stumbled upon SD-Tekken’s album of screencaps of Prologue Art, as well as a few Ending screencaps as well. These can be considered SPOILERS so anyone not wanting to see too much should take care.

    WMX, click on the first link (to the Tekkennation forum) and just click the flickr links there, those should work.

    Again, thanks for the find! Lots of cool stuff to ogle. ^_^

  6. Nice to see that the Gallery is FULL of stuff. I assume you can customize characters that will show up in the Scenario Campaign cutscenes, since those are in real time… hmmm. And the Data Replay looks cool. I wonder how many you can save… better get a large PS3 hard drive. ^_^

  7. Some notes…

    The comic book hit effects are in!

    The Lili-Asuka schoolgirl fight is from Lili’s (?) ending (I hope they don’t share an ending though), and I think I have an idea how this end up… ^_^

    Lili’s wedding dress is awesome…

    The DJ in Azazel’s stage- DJ’s ending? Different from Jin’s I hope…


    • Ah, that would make sense it would be for Lili’s ending, since Lili’s T6 story is that she lost to Askua in T5.

      • Yeah. I am assuming that the artwork with Lili KO’ed (basically an art rendition of Asuka’s ‘Man, you’re weak’ win pose) is from Lili’s prologue. The scene depicted in the Intro movie may have been their fight at the end of Tekken 5 itself, or it could refer to a new encounter in Tekken 6.

        In any case, the screencaps with them tussling in their schoolgirl outfits looks like one of their endings- guess they do a rematch. Just how this ends though, and who is the winner (or if there is even a winner) remains to be seen…

        Darn. It’s these things that really make me excited for the console version. Heheh…

    • And you can see Lili without the veil. I guess this means that special costumes are customizable!


      Kaz’s special costume in-game for those who haven’t seen.

      • According to Kane from TZ, Lili’s wedding dress has some limited customization options- you can remove the veil, change the tiara color, put on her ‘drill hands’ customs and change trim color. Looks great without the veil, indeed.

      • Seriously though, what is with the drill hands?? So weird.

  8. great article…nice website btw…

  9. AWESOME!!!

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