Fan-made Tekken Movie Trailer!

The Mishima Soap Opera on the Little Big Screen.

No, don’t laugh… this amateur short film project made by Youtube and Tekken Zaibatsu member Quantum Optic is actually pretty cool and definitely worth seeing for anyone who loves the Tekken franchise. Originally made for the G4TV Fantastic Fest competition (but it didn’t make it in time), this faux live-action Tekken movie trailer has everything you’d expect; sinister guys with pointy hairstyles and slick suits, thugs in black body armor, a couple of hot fighter babes and lots of cool kung-fu fighting. Yeah, the dialogue is cheezy (probably intentional) but it’s all done impressively well, with great lighting. Cool stuff!

Coming away from it, I just want to play the game all the more. Heheh… Now, if only the actual live-action movie had this enthusiasm and energy…


3 Responses to “Fan-made Tekken Movie Trailer!”

  1. that was pretty good! decent fight choreography, although Kaz’s hair looked awful 😀
    too bad that they couldnt show off more characters, I really would have liked to see King

  2. could you find me the link to the game night tekken 6 thing please

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