You Want Tekken 6 Character Trailers?

Enjoy Alisa’s trailer as well as all the rest of the Tekken 6 crew’s!

…then have your fill NOW at the official Tekken 6 Online Tournament! Finally continuing from the 7-part weekly Character Matchup a couple of months ago, Namco-Bandai and Gametrailers have released the whole kit and caboodle of character trailers. Now, I don’t really care much for the prizes and achievements (not qualified since I’m not in the US), so it’s just the joy of seeing the trailers for me. Pretty much everyone finally has a video, so enjoy. If you watch just one per day, you’ll see a different one right up to release day. Heheh.

Tekken 6 drops on PS3 and Xbox360 on October 27. Not too long now, folks.


2 Responses to “You Want Tekken 6 Character Trailers?”

  1. I always pronounced Alisa’s name a-LEE-sa not Alissa.

    And I’m still going to!

    *goes to watch Yoshimitsu’s trailer with great anticipation*

  2. By the way, vote for Yoshimitsu!

    And Armor King, because I want to stop Jin before he can get any further!

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