Tekken 6 Facebook Questions and Answers!

Some time ago, Namco-Bandai asked Tekken fans through their official Facebook account to field various questions concerning the upcoming console versions of Tekken 6. Well, here are the first batch of answers to some of those questions, straight from the Project Tekken team!

1. What improvements have you made for the online mode of Tekken 6? Can you tell us the details? Has there been any improvements to latency issues players experienced in T5R Online and even Soul Calibur 4?
We completely rewrote the netcode this time so it is different from Tekken 5 DR. I would say the performance is better than before.
Generally speaking, for online fighting games, most netcode is tuned to either provide a stable game for various connections of differing quality or on providing a better experience for matches in which the connection compatibility is better than average. The latter approach seems to be more popular among fighting game fans.

2. There is concern that the Xbox 360 controller will not be sufficient enough due to the unresponsive D-Pad. As members of the development team…is there something you can tell the Xbox 360 owners to ease their anxiety?
First, I want everyone to understand we only make the software, there isn’t much software-wise that we can do about hardware already on the market. For Tekken 6, there will be a bundle that includes a wireless fighting stick, and we also have plans for a licensed wired fighting stick with Hori. The Tekken franchise was born in the arcades, so we would like to recommend the fighting sticks to fans, rather than fuel discussion about the merits/demerits of the D-Pad.

3. Is there an optional installation feature to speed up loading process?
We plan to include this feature.

4. There is info out on some sites that the resolution for Tekken 6 will only be in 720p. Why not 1080p?
Tekken 6 is the first fighting game to implement variable animation blur to the character models while still maintaining 60 frames per second, making the animations smooth and dynamic. As such, this requires a lot of processing power. Besides that, other aspects of the game have changed quite a bit from Tekken 5 DR, requiring more processing power on that front as well.

90% of games today, meaning most of them, run at 30 frames per second. If it were OK for Tekken to run at 30 fps, it would be easy to increase the resolution to 1080p. There is more time for processing as a result. One shouldn’t be so quick to judge resolution of 30fps and 60 fps games on the same scale.
I don’t think there are many fans out there who would want to play a 3D fighting game running at 30fps. On the dev team, we’ve tested this several times and the results were extremely poor. Rather than resolution, character animation and the frame rate are the most important aspect of a 3D fighting game; this is the conclusion we reached.

5. How many minutes of CGI footage have been created thus far for the story mode of Tekken 6?
There are also a lot of real-time movies in addition to the CG. The total minute number is a secret.

6. Will in-engine graphics be used for character endings, ala Tekken 4?
The character endings aren’t done using the in-game engine. The real-time demos in Scenario Campaign are done using the in-game engine, though.

Didn’t see your question answered? The devs will be answering more questions in the weeks leading up to the game’s release, so maybe they’ll have what you want in the next batch.


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  1. Awesome!

    Check this video out!

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