Tekken 6 Character Countdown Part 42 EXTRA: Nancy MI847J

Tekken 6’s bonus boss is one tough momma.

In the many months that have passed by, we’ve gone through the entire regular playable roster of fighters in Tekken 6… so now we’re moving on to an irregular playable character. This mammoth combatant is easily one of the most massive fighters to appear in the game and a true nightmare to deal with… that is, unless you memorize her many attack patterns. Still, it is perhaps a good thing that the monstrous Nancy isn’t really part of the actual tournament, but just a really mean and nasty bonus round on the way to the top. Players will get to play with this oversized toy in the console versions, in some select stages of Scenario Campaign mode.

Nancy MI847J
Distinguishing Features: If a locomotive grew a dinosaur head with glowing red eyes, giant fists and spider legs, it would look like Nancy.

Strengths: A ‘Tank’ in all senses of the word; heavily armored and armed, and designed primarily to soak up damage like a giant sponge. Cannot be thrown, juggled or knocked down. Various ranged or area-effect attacks. Limited flight/jump ability.

Weaknesses: Damage or effects from all of Nancy’s attacks can be avoided entirely by blocking, sidestepping or ducking at the right time.

Affiliation: Nancy is the latest product of Mishima Zaibatsu Heavy Industries, makers of world-class quality engines of destruction. The Nancy prototype is currently stationed at the entrance of the Mishima Zaibatsu headquarters, ready to give any intruders a rousing welcome on the way to CEO Kazama’s private loft.

Background: Little has been revealed about this new war machine. It is supposed that Nancy is a new line designed to totally outclass the aging Jack series, although her much greater size and weight may limit her uses and possible combat scenarios. Outfitted with a large variety of weapons and ranged attacks, Nancy is currently being field-tested as the Zaibatsu/G-Corporation war intensifies.

Character Analysis: She’s not a robot… she’s a Defense Facility! But even if this mammoth machine is bristling with munitions and deadly attacks, it’s weapons are built to fight against a large scale assault. A single fighter, fast and evasive, should be able to get through it’s turbo-lasers and strike at a vulnerable exhaust vent, revealed by the secret plans smuggled out of the Zaibatsu by G-Corporation spies.

Many G-Corp spies died… to bring us these plans…

Nancy first made her appearance as part of patches that updated the original arcade versions of Tekken 6. This new bonus boss is fought just before players meet the real sub-boss, Jin Kazama. Thankfully you don’t have to beat Nancy to continue, while beating her nets you a pretty measly reward- pretty scant if you consider the effort needed to take this hunk of metal down.

What does the future hold for Nancy MI847J? Unfortunately for her, she has all the makings of a one-shot boss. She’ll clearly be outdated by the next tournament, and will probably turn out to be too expensive and too resource-heavy to produce and manufacture. Still, being able to play around with this gargantuan tinker toy in Scenario Campaign should be loads of fun… for a while, at least.

Stay tuned next week as we take on one more EXTRA entry in the Tekken 6 Character Countdown!

Tekken 6 is set for release this coming October 27 for PS3 and Xbox360. A PSP release is expected sometime in November.


4 Responses to “Tekken 6 Character Countdown Part 42 EXTRA: Nancy MI847J”

  1. I smell Azazel…

    I think both of these boss beasties should be playable in offline at least. Like in Vs. Practice and other modes, just so you can screw around with them. That way you can beat the crap out of your friend if they choose either of them without permission. I just really would like to play them, and it would seem like a waste of a good moveset.

  2. […] the record, there’s another, even bigger, boss in Tekken 6 called Nancy-MI847J, which is a giant robot with guns that is even harder to beat. I don’t mind Nancy so much […]

  3. Jack-6 god Says:

    i think Azazel is much harder on the psp version of tekken 6. but with my jack-6 i just used i round up punch on nancy twice and bang she was down… hard to do the round up punch but simple. where azazel just destroys u. i hate him lol. ohwell i have beaten him alot but still dont make it any easyier haha. he is unpredictable i balive. for the fact that when i used Asuka Kazama he wiped me out. than i used Bryan Fury and wasted him in ohhhhh 5seconds. and i now aSUKA ALOT BETTER THAN BRYAN. THATS WHY I THINK HE IS UNPREDICTABLE.
    good game all round thow i find it ver addictive. but sometimes fin myself yelling at it coes i dont win a silly fight that i should win hahaha.

    Jack-6 GOD!!!!

  4. per me nancy e impossibile da battere anche se ohtti i cpitolo di tekken al partire dal primo compreso tekken tag sapete spiegarmi come batterlo???

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