Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign Gameplay

Subtitled dialogue will probably tell most of the storylines of the many fighters in Scenario Campaign.

Gamersyde, that Euro-gaming site that tends to have so many wonderfully irritating comments made about Tekken 6, just posted an extended gameplay vid showing off Scenario Campaign mode. Running at about 4 minutes, the clip has pretty good video quality, no sound, and easily some of the crappiest play I’ve ever seen… HONESTLY, the guy playing deserves a thumb in the eye for his frustratingly scrubby non-skills. AAAAnyway… that aside, at least we get to see more of the mode.

Alisa may be a robot, but she’s girl enough to keep a diary.

Unfortunately it seems that while main SC hero Lars Alexandersson will have fully-voiced and animated cutscenes to grace his storyline, the rest of the cast may have to make do with subtitles, at least for the most part. But then, having every character have spoken dialogue for the 40++ stages would have been asking for a lot I guess… Oh well.
Anyway, it was fun to see some stuff like a female enemy with Miguel’s stance as well as a brief look at a Tag Team Boss Fight with Marduk and King… They have a team-up attack!!! The mode looks a lot better than before, despite the scrubby play shown… this mode should be tons of fun, if only for discovering the storylines and earning caboodles of cash for customizing your fighters.

The World Tag Team Champions Marduk and King will surely be a tricky boss fight to finish.

Check out the video (download or streaming) here.


5 Responses to “Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign Gameplay”

  1. I wonder whether you can play against other humans in the “tag” arena mode. Seems quite plausible. Maybe with the predefined teams. King/Marduk, Lars/Alisa etc.

  2. that does sound good actually

  3. the people who have posted comments on gamersyde are just cynical twat, i bloody hate people who hate bonus modes, doesn’t it reach their thick little brains, that bonus means bonus

  4. how do i unlock scenario mode?

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