Wanna see the Tekken 6 Console Intro?

As I expected, the Opening CG intro to Tekken 6 has preceded the actual release of the game. IGN has just posted the console versions’ Opening Cinematic for all to see. Running at almost 3 minutes, the intro surely keeps up the series’ tradition of awesome, cutting-edge pre-rendered cinematics that get you pumped up for the countless hours of fighting gameplay ahead.

What can I say? I freakin’ LOVE it. The quality of the CG is remarkable and the various vignettes and scenes are exciting and dramatic, focusing on select characters and showing their motivations for this new tournament. The music is more understated instead of the previously crass (but admittedly entertaining) ‘Sparking’ song in Tekken 5. Many may miss the ‘all characters mucking for the camera’ parade and seeing their particular fighter in action. Otherwise though, it’s yet again another cool and awesome opening to a Tekken game. What do you guys think?

Also, IGN has posted a new preview of the game, mostly talking about the Scenario Campaign. Check it out here.


6 Responses to “Wanna see the Tekken 6 Console Intro?”

  1. My thoughts…

    I don’t think this is the entire intro, think Tekken 5 2-part intro, the dude Namco has been giving so much spotlight didn’t even show up.

    Other than that, Bob’s scene was Fcking awesome!


  3. After seeing the Intro a few more times, I really like it. I now want to play as Miguel and Bob at least, and I wanna see how Zafina’s story plays out. It’s really kinda sad that they weren’t able to devote time to all the other fighters, but at least my mains Asuka and Lili made the cut… heheh…

  4. musics a bit like soul calibur and i think the evil jins a changeling

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