Final Word on Tekken 6’s Story Mode (Updated)

Play Scenario Campaign and Unlock my Ending or I’m gonna kick your butt!

Okay, we’ve finally gotten hard info on the ‘Story Mode’ in the home versions of Tekken 6. So far we’ve seen that there is no mode on the Main Menu. However, it’s not totally gone. As we’ve speculated before, Scenario Campaign has replaced it. Well, to be more exact- it’s literally INSIDE Scenario Campaign.

Scenario Campaign Mode is basically an expanded Story Mode/Tekken Force/RPG, taking in detail the events surrounding Tekken 6. It primarily takes on the stories of newcomers Lars Alexandersson and Alisa Bosconovitch, the two additional fighters in the arcade upgrade, Bloodline Rebellion. Initially you will control Lars, with Alisa tagging along as an A.I. controlled ally, tutorial assistant and chronicler of the story.

The first time you play and finish Scenario Campaign’s tutorial stage, you will be given a choice of which character in the roster to unlock. From there on, if you wish, you can play as that fighter for the rest of the game, although Lars and Alisa will still be the focus of the featured real-time cutscenes shown at pivotal moments of the story.
Choosing different fighters though will yield some tidbits of story and character relationships as they encounter other fighters (this is only shown via text dialogue though, not fully-animated cutscenes). As you beat fighters in stages, they become available for play, and also for use in the Arena.

Arena is the place to go to unlock the wacky CG endings.

The Arena is an area in the SC world map where you enter to unlock Character Endings. As mentioned, you can use a character in Arena once they are encountered, beaten and unlocked for play in Scenario Campaign. The Arena will show the character’s Prologue (via nice illustrations and text), put you through four key fights (which may or may not include Jin Kazama and Azazel as the Bosses), and in the end will yield the usual pre-rendered CG endings.
Note that Lars and Alisa’s stories are told in the main SC mode- as such, they have no CG endings in Arena. Those looking for interlude cutscenes ala Tekken 5 may be disappointed- they’re not in the game. But you do find Character Interaction content scattered throughout the world map- you’ll read them when your current main fighter encounters a rival or someone whom they share a relationship or connection with. Just don’t expect anything too deep.

All this IS of course, for the console versions. As far as I know, the PSP version does not have Scenario Campaign, and so will do this differently (I think they’ll just have the default Story Battle mode as before).

If you wanna learn all about the Big Story and Why Jin Kazama suddenly turned into a World-Class Ass, you’re gonna have to play through Scenario Campaign to the very end. The other characters’ endings are actually unlocked periodically as you play VS or Ghost Battle, so you don’t actually have to play SC to get the main roster endings. However, why NOT give SC a try? It’s actually a very fun mode once you get used to the hybrid control scheme, and it’s honestly a nice way to play with the Tekken crew outside the regular one-on-one arena. Also, the devs worked hard on it, so give it at least a shot. You may enjoy it.


36 Responses to “Final Word on Tekken 6’s Story Mode (Updated)”

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  2. if i understand correctly, the story mode will be like the one in tekken 5, right?
    And it’s nice that scenario compaign doesn’t replace the sotry mode:)

    thx lonegamer

  3. What!?!?
    I can´t play the scenario K.
    I wish the Game have the standard Story-mode!!

    • There’s no reason you can’t play the Scenario Campaign, in case you’re thinking it’s Online-only… it’s not. You can play it offline with an A.I. buddy.

  4. Do you have a link for where MarkMan said this? It has all the markings of sucking enough to be true, but I like to verify.

  5. Of course you can. Do you think its online only or something?

  6. Never mind, I found where MarkMan said this.

    I’m glad it’s there in some form but what epic fail to force us through Scenario Campaign to get it.

  7. god what a thicky

  8. Meh. Doesn’t look like Bob’s pulling through. Whatever, reviews should be out very soon in any case.

    • Yeah. I asked almost the same questions as you did. SDTekken aint budging as well….Hope the review is out soon…

  9. i don’t know how to post it on photobucket bcuz i dont have an acount

  10. here it comes

  11. sorry for the crappy quality will try to redo it later

  12. good stuff

  13. and heres the rest this one includes full sc map

  14. it has to be said, im not the best scanner in the world but this will do

  15. by the way heres a tip, if you put it on full size and zoom in u can see it crystal clear

  16. Thanks for the scans, Bob. It’s great that the game got a nifty score. Here’s to all the reviews to be just as glowing. More should be arriving in the next few weeks.

  17. and finally here is the text in full

  18. Bob, sorry to be nitpicky but there’s a huge chunk of text cut off- it’s the other half of the spread with the Boss boxlet on Jinpachi and Azazel. Please try to post that part.

  19. Is the free roam mode on the psp version? that’s all i want to know,but i can’t find that answer anywhere.

  20. how to unlock scenario mode in psp tekken 6

  21. ang gwapo ni lars.

  22. Yo Momma Says:

    s story mode in tekken 6 like story mode in tekken 5

  23. Yo Momma Says:

    is story mode in tekken 6 like story mode in tekken 5?

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