Super Street Fighter IV Videos, New Characters in Action

Juri and T-Hawk show off their moves.

Here are a couple more videos showing off Super Street Fighter IV in action. We finally get to see returning veteran Dee-Jay in action, as well as moves from Native American Avenger, T-Hawk.
We also learn more about all-new fighter Juri Han, a Korean super spy working for S.I.N., SFIV’s resident baddies. Juri’s code-named ‘Spider’ and is particularly wicked, being anti-social and anti-establishment, hating everything that does not interest her. A lot of her power comes from her artificial left eye, which is equipped with a “Feng Shuei Engine” that gives her powerful Ki attacks. I have to say I am loving this vixen’s moves and animations, as well as her bad-ass and sexy personality.

More SSFIV news and info is sure to come soon. The stand-alone game is set for release in Spring next year on PS3 and Xbox360- No arcade release is planned.

Longer trailer video showing off the new fighters, including Dee-Jay and introducing new femme fatale Juri.


One Response to “Super Street Fighter IV Videos, New Characters in Action”

  1. earthwindfire Says:

    if you hate SFIV, then you suck!! plain and simple!!

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