Awesome Tekken 6 Preview! Tons o’ Footage!

There’s been a bit of a shortage of Tekken 6 news lately, but that’s gonna change with this awesome find!

This preview’s so bright, gotta wear shades!

Italian gaming site Spaziogames has just posted a 7-minute video feature on the game, showing off a lot of never-before-seen CG footage, cutscenes and gameplay. The included scenes are taken from Tekken 6’s final Opening Intro, showing off character scenes aplenty.

Only Lili can pull off Cute AND Sinister.

Also on offer are tons of in-game footage, showing off various menus, various modes (Arcade, Time Attack, VS, Survival, Practice, Time Trial) and even showing Zafina’s weird extra outfit in action. So far what I’ve seen… No Story Battle. The old-style combo practice dots are back. Lots more!

It’s easily the most eye-opening Tekken 6 preview yet, and has OODLES of stuff and details that any Tekken 6 fan would want to pick apart and enjoy at his leisure as we labor our way to October 27. Check it out here in SD, HD or downloadable format!

Bringing up the rear is a video interview with the Tekken 6 developers conducted by G4TV’s Morgan Webb at the recently-concluded TGS2009. It focuses more on the PSP version of Tekken 6, and talks a bit about the game’s Ghost Character System. Check it out here.

WHEW! Awesome! Thanks to SD-Tekken for the heads up!


23 Responses to “Awesome Tekken 6 Preview! Tons o’ Footage!”

  1. Why must my Internet be shaped nowww? 1hr to go until it gets reset….

  2. they followed my advice about character main menu themes

  3. arcade mode has been to ghost battle and arcade mode is a stage 1-9 runthrough its more like the classic arcade modes from Tekken 1-3

  4. btw the first tekken 6 review is out tommorow in play magazine

  5. Those are the coolest shades in the world.

  6. i like the way it shows ur latest promotions an when u got it

  7. I DID IT!



    Snap of the Artbook.

  9. Hey guys! Good to know that the first reviews will be coming out soon. I hope it all works out awesome. ^_^ Just a little more waiting!

  10. 94% By play mag, prologues are back
    C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures\My Scans
    C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures\My Scans\2009-10 (Oct)
    C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures\My Scans\2009-10 (Oct)
    C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures\My Scans\2009-10 (Oct)
    Sorry it didnt turn out that well

  11. fingers crossed it will bring you to the document

  12. according to the review it has absolutely bloody tons to unlock

  13. You didn’t upload it correctly dude. Put it on imageshack or something.

  14. Yeah, or photobucket.

  15. oh, shit

  16. “after returning to korea baek enganged hwoarang in the most extreme training he had ever provided” Taken from Baeks Tekken 6 prologue

  17. We’ve heard that before, on liek all the profile pages of Baek.

    Can you upload to any image upload site then link here puhleeesh?

  18. Please Bob, we are dying here.

  19. WHOA! A lot of things are happening. Damn I hate it when I don’t have DSL at home…

    Anyway, the PLAY magazine review sounds great, and I’m glad it got the high score it deserves. I think these last few weeks will be a killer wait, but maybe the game will actually arrive a bit earlier than 27- make sure you preordered…. hahaha!

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