Hey everyone. In case you haven’t been paying attention to the news, the Philippines, in particular Metro Manila, was hit by Tropical Storm Undoy over the weekend. It wasn’t a particularly strong storm, but it basically DROWNED the country with more rainfall than what had hit New Orleans during Katrina. No Shit. Anyway, because of that, most of the city lost power and internet for a while, so I wasn’t able to update or do anything in that time.

Well, today I’ll try to update some and get back on track. Have to post some cool news, put in an entry in the Tekken 6 Character Countdown list that I incredibly missed, and basically get back into the groove. Later then!


11 Responses to “WET”

  1. Wow!!!

    Good to see you seem to be fine and dandy. Hopefully no sadness has been inflicted.

    Welcome back! I kept the site in ship shape, as ship shape as a mere commenter can. But you’ll be pleased to find that everything is in order.

    • Thanks dude. Yeah, I got through pretty much squeaky-clean, although a lot of people didn’t. All the more reason to want the days to go by faster and put these bad days behind us, and onward to Tekken 6. Heheh…

      • Good to see you’re all right!! Glad to have you back man! As you can see, I’ve kept the site well maintained for your return. Hehehe…


  2. Yep, thanks guys for keeping the blog active. ^_^

  3. are you Filipino?? ^_^

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