Tekken 6 Character Countdown Part 41: Jack-6

Jack-6. He’s a lover and a fighter.

As a way of counting down the time to the release of Tekken 6 for the PS3 and Xbox360, I’ve decided to begin this weekly series of lengthy, character-specific articles, each one featuring one of the competing warriors in the latest and greatest King of Iron Fist Tournament.

And here we are at the last regular playable character in Tekken 6! This lumbering, hulking behemoth may be considered a new character, even though his ‘line’ has been around in the Tekken 6 since day one (other than a notable absence in Tekken 4). Boasting immense strength and power as well as an inexplicable soul living within his mechanical body, this fighter is indeed one of the roster’s true powerhouses. It’s Jack-6.

Distinguishing Features: Inhumanly bulky and muscular with top-heavy proportions. Glowing red eyes, metal-hard chin. Raspy, hollow voice. Penchant for mohawks and combat fatigues.

Strengths: Hits like a tank. Usually it only takes a few solid hits to level any opponent (or a small building).

Weaknesses: Slow as a tank. Will take a bit of practice to get his rhythm and timing down. His huge size makes for a big, easy target. Can’t bring himself to harm cute, innocent girls. Is really irritated he keeps getting mistaken for a commando from Small Soldiers.

Affiliation: Currently affiliated with G-Corporation, with which his creator, Jane, is employed.

Background: The Jack series of combat robots has been in the Tekken series since day one, supposedly an initial creation by Doctor Gepetto Bosconovitch but later refined and continually manufactured alternately by the Mishima Zaibatsu and G-Corporation. The Jack gamers have come to know as the ‘hero’ Jack first gained sentience and free will during Tekken 2, when it found itself caring for an orphaned young girl named Jane. This Jack cared for the little girl until he was destroyed by Bosconovitch’s rival, Dr. Abel. Years later, Jane- now a robotics engineer herself- would attempt to revive her childhood friend by implanting his memories into a much improved model known as Gun Jack. However, Gun Jack is soon destroyed by Tekken forces as they tried to break into the Zaibatsu labs.

In Tekken 4, a Jack robot was not among the playable roster, although in the events prior to Tekken 5, a squadron of Jack robots, called Jack-4’s, would attack Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima in the Honmaru Shrine. These Jacks appear to be less durable than the previous Jack models, and include a self-destruct mechanism.

Jane, currently employed by G-Corporation, would again attempt to revive her Jack in Tekken 5, sending in an advanced G-Corporation model into the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. She succeeded and is finally reunited with her long lost friend. As Tekken 6 is announced, Jane hears that the Zaibatsu is manufacturing a new series of Jack models, and thus sends in the latest prototype, Jack-6, to investigate.

Character Analysis: As the original Robot Fighter in Tekken, Jack embodies the Huge, Strong but Slow Fighter. Perhaps the choice for those who value power over all else, a competently-played Jack is a truly frightening force to be reckoned with.
Jack’s story, along with Jane, is one of the more interesting side-plots in the Tekken mythos. There’s a sweet and often tragic vibe to the Girl and Her Robot story, though it seems to have taken a more positive turn recently. I doubt that Jack and Jane will ever have a larger role in the main storyline than right now, but it would be interesting to see where the Jack line goes from here, after the big war between megacorporations.

What lies in the future for the Jack series? Surely the big bruiser will always be around, even if other robots make their presence known in the tournament. How more powerful (or perhaps, more human) it may become is something to ponder for the years ahead.

And That’s IT! All the Regular Playable Characters in Tekken 6, accounted for. Next week, stay tuned for a special entry in this Countdown.

Tekken 6 is set for release on PS3 and Xbox360 in late October 2009, with a PSP release to follow soon after.


One Response to “Tekken 6 Character Countdown Part 41: Jack-6”

  1. i hope they once give jack a bigger role he deserves it he has bin in tekken since the first one btw sry for my bad english im from holland

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