Super Streetfighter IV Confirmed, New Fighter Debuts

Korean Kickfighter Juri makes her debut.

Okay, speculation and hearsay have finally given way to confirmed fact- a new version of Streetfighter IV is on the way. Dubbed nicely Super Streetfighter IV, this stand-alone kinda-sequel will be released as a separate game from SFIV instead of DLC, and will have tons of new stuff including at least 8 new characters and updated gameplay and features.
Already confirmed to be added to SFIV’s roster will be returning SF2 challengers T-Hawk and Deejay– also making her debut in SSFIV will be an all-new female fighter named Juri (seen above). This flexible femme fatale hails from Korea and uses Taekwondo, a first for the series, strangely enough. Juri is supposedly connected in storyline to Seth, M.Bison and Shadaloo, which may make her a villain; which is awesome since bad girls are HOT.

She kicks high! Taekwondo finally makes an appearance in Capcom’s flagship fighter.

Rumored but as yet not yet confirmed to return in SSFIV are Cody, Guy and Adon from SF Alpha, and Makoto, Ibuki and Dudley from SF3.

Anyway, Capcom just released a new teaser trailer for Super Streetfighter IV but it just shows off Ryu and Ken sparring in stylized graphics ala the first SFIV teaser.

If you wanna see actual footage of SSFIV, you can check out this interview with Yoshinori Ono on Gamespot– they have the game running in the background (with T-Hawk and Juri onscreen) but never really focus on it… freakin’ teasing bastards.

I’ve been pretty harsh with SFIV, and that STILL stands- however I am very much excited for Super SFIV; hopefully it will address all the issues I had with the previous installment… Juri looks pretty damn hawt, and the return of SF3 babes Ibuki and Makoto (if true) pleases me to no end.

UPDATE: The official Japanese website for Super Streetfighter IV is now live. It’s pretty sparse as yet, the most content being in the Character page, which has entries for newcomer Juri and returning vet T-Hawk. Apparently the 25-year old Korean kickmistress is an employee of S.I.N, and she will figure a lot in the upcoming SSFIV’s story. Check out the site here.

Anyway, we don’t have long to wait for more stuff on SSFIV- The Streetfighter Blog has revealed that apparently a new trailer which actually shows off the new stuff (characters, a new mode, new stages and new music) will debut this coming Thursday (October 1). Also, the SSFIV devs are going to give updates every week from now on, every Tuesday and Friday… looks like they’re going all out. Good stuff.

Super Streetfighter IV is set for release on PS3 and Xbox360 in early Spring 2010.


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  1. they’re not even enemies, so whats the bloody point of it

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