Tons o’ Tekken 6 Screenshots: Customizations and Cutscenes

Ever the bad-ass, Kazuya can afford to change hairstyles in the middle of a battlefield.

PS3 IGN has just posted a gazillion (well, it feels like that) Tekken 6 screenshots. These are a real treat since most of them show off the game’s various customization items (as well as the new interface for Character Customization in the consoles) as well as cutscenes from the Scenario Campaign mode.

Plots intertwine as Lars makes his way through the Scenario Campaign story…

Nice way to calm a lady, Lars. Next, tell her Santa’s not real, why don’t ya?

Well, I am really overjoyed that we’ll be able to see what we want to buy first with our hard-earned Fight Money, particularly now that apparently we’re going to have to pay full price (in the arcades, items cost half that of the prices in Japan). There looks to be tons of stuff to buy and unlock- conceivably it will take hours and hours of play to buy them all, but completists and OC players will welcome the challenge.

As for the cutscenes, they look as good as you can expect from real-time stuff, and it seems that Lars will run through the rest of the roster, either chatting with them or encountering them in a combat situation as he goes through his story. I’m hoping that everyone gets to have some good cutscene exposure in their runthroughs of scenario, and not just Mr. Alexandersson. Cross your fingers.

Anyway, check out the mess of screenshots here! Thanks to ZeroX for pointing us to this treasure trove.


21 Responses to “Tons o’ Tekken 6 Screenshots: Customizations and Cutscenes”

  1. Aww looks like there won’t be any color wheel… and customizations cost a S#$% load of money…

    • The prices of the customs are fine, dude… I mean, at least we won’t be spending a S#$% load of money playing at an arcade to get them. ^_^ As for the color wheel, yeah… well… what can ya do? Heheh.

  2. I’m sure you are right, I’m just used to DRO.

  3. so where do you buy the item moves from

  4. i think the psp may have a story mode instead of the sc, what do you guys think

  5. this has a lot of footage

  6. Why the hell would a robot have amnesia?

  7. Jason Cheong Says:

    Hey, the lone gamer, just to remind you that I was searching through the Tekken 6 Character Countdown posts that you made previously and you have not make countdown 34 and the character is Jack-6. It is Jack-6 because after gathering all the names, Jack-6 was missing. So, can you do countdown 34 which features Jack-6 please?

  8. Hey, MarkMank dropped the following message in the Tekkennation forums:

    “Glad you guys saw/got a hold of my image. MAYBE more on the way?You guys know who it is yet?^_^We’ve been really lazy on the SDT site. We have like 5 pending updates that we’ve been meaning to do. Next week is going to be a big week for our site.”

  9. why is it that when I check on tekken korea, they only have clothes, does that mean that it won’t have items in the game

  10. Interesting bit to read:

    Not really NEWS though.

  11. Watch 1:46 of this video

    they now have a gallery

  12. Well, what a boring weekend

  13. No character countdown? Or are you busy? If I recall, we were on 41.

  14. According to SDTekken the Roger Comic is to be updated soon.

    And a new (No new footage) trailer:

    Tekken bit is at the end.

  15. Rest of the pre-order goodies

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