Tekken 6 at TGS 2009: Hands-on Reports, PSP Gameplay and More!

Good news for those waiting for news about the handheld version of Tekken 6. 1Up and IGN have just posted Hands-on Impressions of the PSP Tekken 6, and it sounds pretty good. Not just positive, but good. All the fighters are available, and apparently the character models were created from scratch for the portable making the transition pretty excellent. Check out the report here and here. Looks like I’d better have my PSP fixed soon, so I can enjoy what should be the best handheld fighter yet, and that’s saying something with T5DR and Soulcalibur BD already on the device. Awesome!

Here are a couple of cool PSP gameplay videos. I have to say, while the action is certainly looking true to Tekken 6, the visuals are really a big downgrade from the console versions- in fact, this is almost DR with Tekken 6 outfits/customizations and moves. In particular, Asuka Kazama looks a lot like her DR model. The graphical limitations aside, this is shaping up to be an awesome treat for those who want to have their T6 fix on-the-go.

Tekken 6 on PSP!

More Tekken 6 PSP gameplay, with customized characters.

Meanwhile, Gamespot also posted a hands-on report on the console versions, particularly going through the Scenario Campaign (which now had all characters selectable) and mentioning all the developments since they last saw the game. According to the article, you may face not just one but two bosses/regular roster fighters at the end of a stage (they cited facing off with King and Marduk in a ring). Also, if your companion is knocked out you can revive them with healing items or power ups. Pretty cool! Check out their article here.

Here’s another Tekken 6 interview at TGS, from a site called GamingAhead. The interviewer actually asked some pretty good questions, so this is worth seeing. Anyway, things made clear again on Scenario Campaign- there will be one basic storyline that every character follows, but with small differences per character. Co-op play is ONLINE ONLY. The mode takes about ten hours to complete (Is that per character? 400 hours of replay value? WOW). Anyway, good stuff!

Stay tuned as TGS2009 continues through into the weekend. Later, people!


2 Responses to “Tekken 6 at TGS 2009: Hands-on Reports, PSP Gameplay and More!”

  1. Good stuff!!

  2. Yea, really good stuff

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