Fashion Fight! Tekken 6 Console Costume Combat!

Lili’s extra outfit was designed by manga-ka Ito Ogure AKA Oh! Great! (Air Gear, Tenjo Tenge)

Roger’s extra tribal outfit was designed by manga-ka Ryouji Minagawa (Spriggan!, Project ARMs).

… and here are the extra outfits IN ACTION!

The first day of TGS seemed to be a pretty slow day for Tekken 6- the TGS2009 trailer posted on the Japanese PSN was just a subtitle-less Gamescom video. Fortunately, the day wasn’t a total loss. The official Japanese Tekken 6 site updated a couple of sections with stuff on the console exclusive, mangaka-designed costumes.

One more extra outfit to go… but for whom?

Apparently there’s still one extra outfit left to be revealed, and very soon (according to SD-Tekken’s MarkMan). For now though, you can check out the cool ‘EX Costume Battle’ above, with Lili and Roger wearing their new console costumes into combat. The manga artists who designed the outfits (Ito Ogure AKA Oh! Great for Lili, Ryouji Minagawa for Roger Jr.) who designed Lili’s costume) were the ones playing.

All I can say is… whoa. Lili’s outfit looks amazing in-game, and is sure to be a favorite. It really IS a kind of bondage wedding dress (I wonder if she can throw the bouquet as an Item move?). So what’s it about? Is her father trying to marry her away to save his company? Heheh…

Who will be the last character to get cool new clothes? Stay tuned, we’ll find out soon enough.


10 Responses to “Fashion Fight! Tekken 6 Console Costume Combat!”

  1. NinaAssassin Says:

    i hope they make one for nina ^^

    • Yeah, me too!

      And its so annoying that they made extras for the same people again like in Tekken 5 where Anna and Asuka(and Xiaoyu?) got extra outfits while no one else had anything extra. I think if they do these extra outfits, they should at least do it for everyone.

  2. Xiaoyu need an extra costumes,please!!

  3. I like Roger Jr.’s costume! I just hate the changes done to His/Her voice. It sounds terrible when they do the chittering like a can of noisy rodents.

  4. Xiaoyu SOO need that EXTRA OUFITT PLEASE TEKKEN 6!!!!!

  5. NiNa Puh-lease!

  6. Love Lili outfit (so sexy =3 )

  7. Lili looks fucking hot ❀ X3!


    I love all the outfits, but the one from Lars (i think it is him) is the ugly one of all.
    Lili is sexy! I play her the most when my psp works, but now he is broken (the stick) so i dont can play it good… 😦 i hope that my psp soon be repaired… en when he is i buy Tekken 6! (I only have tekken 5 on the psp, tekken 4, tekken 5 (with the acarde versions of tekken 1 ,2 and 3) on the ps2) πŸ˜› I love the art.

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