Final Tekken 6 Extra Outfit Revealed…

MarkMan of SD-Tekken finally gave out this cool scan of the last console exclusive outfit in Tekken 6. Who’s it for? None other than Kazuya Mishima, current head of G-Corporation. The Guyver-like costume is apparently called the ‘Dorya Suit’ and has some pretty cool lighting effects going on with it. Pretty slick! Anyway, the artwork/design of this awesome-looking mech suit was done by manga-ka Takayuki Yamaguchi, who created the titles Apocalypse Zero and Shigurui.

Awesome battle-suit… perhaps the latest product of G-Corporation?

In any case, that’s it. No more. That’s it for the extra outfits. So those hoping their favorite gets a mangaka-designed costume will have to wait till the next King of Iron Fist Tournament…


19 Responses to “Final Tekken 6 Extra Outfit Revealed…”

  1. I was going to say Jack 6… but now I have second thoughts. Maybe Heihachi? Lol.

  2. I’m going to go with Brian Fury.

  3. Bryan Fury, or Lee Chaolan.

  4. Thanks for the links, ZeroX! Awesome stuff in those screens. ^_^

  5. As for the last outfit above… I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s actually a costume for Alisa. Crazy maybe but… well… she’s the only robot aside from Jack-6 and this may be a kind of ‘ultimate’ weaponized form for her… we’ll see soon enough whose it is eventually…

  6. raven perhaps?

  7. Can you provide a link for the source of whoever said it was Kazuya? I’m trying to get proof.

  8. I had a question i was meaningly to ask. . .Do we have to buy customize items online?Or we can buy it in-game. .Like tekken5?

    P.S. Maybe its Ling. .Lol

    • With the exception of some special DLC (Yoshimitsu’s CTS costume), all customizations in Tekken 6 are included in-game. Who the last Extra Outfit belongs to has already been revealed- it’s Kazuya.

  9. So i dont have to go online?I was worried Bcoz i dont have internet conection. .Lol

    • Nope, the customizations will be available in the disc. You will need an internet connection to play against other players online or to play coop in Scenario Campaign though. But otherwise, offline single-player content in Tekken 6 is pretty awesome, so don’t worry otherwise.

  10. Wow thanx lonegamer for the info. .Really cant wait for it to release in brunei. .Hope it wont take long. .Take care

  11. Here’s a video of the kazuya costume in action
    apparently its called the dorya suit

    its on the gamefaqs message boards

  12. mauricephoenix999 Says:

    I wish they do more for other character who has never had one or two extra costume. Like Lei, Paul, King, etc though

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