Have YOU preordered your Tekken 6 yet?

The final packaging for the US game and limited edition.

I know I have. There may be quite a few of you out there waiting for the last minute. Just for your info, the first shipment of Tekken 6 will go with a special cover (not yet revealed), so that’s a bit of a nice treat for early birds… of course, that is, if the ‘special cover’ looks great.

Anyway, if you buy your games online, I’d order already since who knows- this game is so damn in demand, stocks just may disappear immediately so it’s better I think to be prudent and preorder. If not, you may find yourself scrambling to find a copy on release day. I’m hoping Tekken 6 sells great- so we can guarantee a follow-up sooner rather than later (give or take a year or two), even if it’s just DLC or Tekken BR++. But that’s all in the future. I’m just looking to the next several weeks. Just a bit more.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is TGS 2009. The nice thing is, Japan is in my half of the world so it really IS tomorrow, and not delayed like if the event was set in the US or Europe. So I’m thinking maybe late tonight we’ll be seeing stuff popping up. Tomorrow, Harada-san and company will probably be showing off their game in the last big gaming event before release, so it should be something to see. Later then, people.


7 Responses to “Have YOU preordered your Tekken 6 yet?”

  1. just pre-ordered mine from a local online gameshop..(gameshop.com.sg)
    my first time pre-ordering a game!! 😀

    • hey I just noticed this but is that a Tekken 6 themed PS3 in the pic above?@!

    • Welcome to the wonderful world of online game purchasing. I buy all my games from Play-Asia when I want them RIGHT AWAY. Local stores take about a week or two before they show off their stocks, though with big games they may make an exception. However, I don’t wanna have to rush out and scour shelves for Tekken 6 when it’s THE game here in my country.

  2. *sigh* I guess I better pre-order then. This whole limited edition buying has become too confusing.

  3. i think i preordered spec edit about 50 days ago

  4. xiaoyufan Says:

    i preorderd mine like in august!

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