Getting Ready for TGS 2009!

Jin and Kaz meet at TGS. Photo courtesy of 1Up.

Looks like Namco-Bandai is making an extra-cool showing at the Tokyo Game Show 2009, and it’s pretty easy to see what game is carrying the banner. Fronting the NB booth is a display with life-size figurines of Jin Kazama and his old man/mortal enemy, Kazuya Mishima, clashing as depicted in Tekken 6’s many trailers. The TGS trailer, new information, updates, in-game vids and more are hopefully in the itinerary. This is Project Tekken’s send-off in a fashion, as this is the last big gaming show till the game releases this coming October. Can’t freakin’ wait. I’ll update as I get it, people.

UPDATE: Whoopsie. Apparently the devs were a bit too busy (or lazy) this time, and just rehashed the trailer from Gamescom for TGS. The show has just begun though, so there’s still room for new footage and stuff to be revealed in the next few days. Stay tuned.


8 Responses to “Getting Ready for TGS 2009!”

  1. I’m boiling with anticipation! You best update as soon as possible!

  2. Look at that ass…

    Pick this costume online for an instant win!

  3. Apparently a new TGS trailer is already up on the Japanese PSN Store. We’ll just have to wait a bit more for it to appear on the web… anyone who has access to the Japanese PSN, check it out.

  4. Darn it. Nothing yet apparently. I hope they show something eventually. Anyway, TGS just started, so all we can do is wait.

  5. Well, according to MarkMan of SD-Tekken and TZ, there will be a new console extra outfit revealed soon. Whose will it be?

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