Tekken 6 Console: J VS B, The Rematch!

The second set of match videos between players Insanelee and Mr. Naps has been posted over at SD Tekken and Namco-Bandai’s official Youtube page. This time around Insaneless is using Nina Williams, while Naps has opted to use Lars Alexandersson. Once again, it’s something to see to pass the time, but I really wish they had customizations at least, or 3-round matches… or freakin’ team battle! Really now… you already have the darn game, why not push the envelope. Sigh.

Anyway, TGS is just around the corner, so expect a bit of stuff to come up from there- at least a new trailer, and hopefully more footage of the many modes and customizations. Also, SD-Tekken has once again hinted at a ‘surprise’ coming later this week, so just stay tuned.


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