Okay… WTF are these??!

Um… hand drills?

This little inset pic of Lili from the same Ultra Jump mag that revealed her new console exclusive outfit has me stumped. There’s a pic showing Lili wearing what appear to be DRILLS on her hands. Now, as someone who has played the arcade version (and has a Lili card) I can tell you these aren’t part of her arcade stuff in BR, so they’re new for the consoles. But what the heck are they? Are they part of the Oh! Great-created outfit? Or are they a new custom for Lili or perhaps even a new universal item?
But the simple question is, what are they? They bring to mind stuff that Dragunov or Yoshimitsu would wear (both have similar hand-covering stuff). Perhaps they spin as you move, though I doubt they will cause extra damage. Just a bit more mystique for us to chew on as we continue to excruciate our way to the console versions of Tekken 6… GYAAAAH!!!


4 Responses to “Okay… WTF are these??!”

  1. Weird!!! They do look rather like drills. I’m hoping its a new custom, because I haven’t seen any other signs of them (minus Tapout T-Shirts)

  2. someone is a big fan of Gurren Lagann?

  3. You know… I suddenly realized something. That pic means that you CAN customize the special outfits… at least, in some ways. I wonder what else you can add or do…

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