Hands-on with Console Tekken 6

Tekkenzone.net had a recent run-in with the home version of Tekken 6 (Xbox360) and had some comments about this more advanced build of the game.

Apparently they saw what was supposedly the full Opening Intro, and it is unsurprisingly composed of stuff that has been seen before (Zafina opening her temple doors, Bob vs bank robbers, the Tekken Force in the snowfield, etc) along with new animations (Zafina and her camel…?). They remarked though that one of the new stuff was Paul fighting Bryan, which isn’t really new- just stuff they apparently didn’t see in the US trailers.

As the game started up, the text ‘Looking for Downloadable Content’ kept appearing, so there may be indeed DLC in the future, even if at present none are being planned or announced.

The Main Menu has become a lot fuller since the E3 build (unfortunately they do not elaborate on all the items), with stuff divided in categories such as Offline and Online modes. The right side of the screen at the main menu now has a panel showing player rank, gold and achievements to date.

Loading times were, as seen in recent videos, long. However, the Namco-Bandai officials did say that installing the game to the HD will fix this.

Though still unfinished, the final Scenario Campaign mode will comprise of 42 levels.

The wireless stick will apparently require 2 AA batteries. Woohoo.

Apparently you can pretty much ‘create your own character’ with the large amount of customizations- again though… Tekken 6 does NOT have Character Creation ala Soulcalibur IV… it’s just Customization. No word on the actual interface, but I hope they improve this over the arcade version (which didn’t let you see the customizations before you bought them, etc).

Thanks to ZeroX for pointing us to the article, which you can read here. Tekken 6 is set for release on PS3 and Xbox360 this late October 2009.


8 Responses to “Hands-on with Console Tekken 6”

  1. Thanks! Also MarkMan stated that ‘Create Your Own Character’ is FALSE. Some people may interpret it wrongly. It’s as you said, customise however you desire.

    • I wonder though if you can give each fighter an individual name, as in the arcades, or if you just have your ow single Profile as in DR? One of the nifty things to do in arcade play was to think up your own clever name for your fighter. ^_^ It’s just a little nit, but nice to have.

      I wonder when we’ll be seeing the full intro as well? Perhaps it will be shown this week at TGS, or leaked sometime in October leading to release. In any case TGS will show us the last trailer before the actual game, so they should make it hot.

      • Yeah I was wondering about that as well. One feature I would really like online is a different name for each character, as well as a rank and win/loss ratio individually. And an overall rank. But I guess I’m asking for too much. TGS is almost here!

      • Yeah, I hope you can name them individually too. That combined with how unrecognizable you can make characters look should be fun. Just taking off Heihachi’s mustache makes him look strange:

  2. does it have achievos included in the preview

  3. Just realized!

    The ‘checking for DLC’ may only be fir the CTS costume for Yoshimitsu.

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