Marry Me!!! Lili Extra Console Outfit Revealed!

Lili cosplays as Emma Frost from the X-men.

The latest issue of Japanese manga publication Ultra Jump just revealed another console-exclusive extra outfit for one of the Tekken fighters. This time it’s for leggy lolita Lili Rochefort. A flowing veil and embroidered lace combine with a white leather corset-and-chaps bodysuit and some oddly-arousing chains and shackles for a scandalously sexy and revealing number that really puts the other girls’ outfits to shame.
This costume was apparently designed by manga artist Ito Ogure AKA Oh! Great(Tenjou Tenge, Air Gear), who also contributed extra outfit designs waaaay back in Tekken 5 (which includes Asuka’s infamous Diceroller outfit). Glad to see his style and taste are as flamboyant as ever… heheh. Check out a larger version of Lili’s costume pic here. Wow… still makes me wonder why Namco-Bandai doesn’t just give the girls bikinis or swimsuits already as outfits… they can’t be any more skimpy than this… Heheh.

Looking at the overall design, I find myself thinking that Lili would look totally perfect as Jin’s Bride if he wore his CLAMP-designed extra outfit… I wonder… perhaps Lili and Jin are having a merger to save the Rochefort Oil Fields from the Zaibatsu? Hmmm…

Anyway, Roger Junior also gets a new outfit, in what appears to be Alex’s (the Boxing Velociraptor) skull, some tribal trimmings and a big bone in his forepaws. This makes him resemble Cubone from Pokemon, of all things.

Man, what else can pop up as we count down the last several weeks to release?

Tekken 6 is set for PS3 and Xbox360 in late October 2009. The PSP will get it’s T6 fix sometime later.


18 Responses to “Marry Me!!! Lili Extra Console Outfit Revealed!”

  1. This is the best birthday present ever…Yup today is my B’Day! 19! Haha!

  2. latest official xbox magezine preview

  3. Nice screens at the OXM preview- finally, customized characters in the Scenario Campaign. Everything’s coming together little by little. ^_^

  4. Given that there were supposedly three more comic artists to go after Asuka and Anna’s outfits were revealed, there may be one more extra costume revealed in the weeks ahead. I think…

  5. “In case someone cares, Roger Junior also seems to get a new outfit”

    Humph! I do… doesn’t look that great though…

  6. Oh, Happy Birthday Zero!

  7. I’ve actually never seen any customs that look like Roger Jr.’s new outfit. Its kind of cool, Tribal-ee

  8. Found some VERY juicy videos!!

  9. WOW that nice!!! Its like a cross between lady gaga and fran from final fantasy!!

  10. hi lili honey i love you!!! jin told me your beautiful!! your look like tifa in final fantasy!! will you marry me!!!

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