New Tekken 6 Screenshots

Gamespot of Japan and Game Watch just posted another preview on Tekken 6 for consoles, putting up a bunch of screenshots and art. Most of it has been seen before, though some in very low quality pics, so it’s nice to see stuff in better res now. It’s mostly screens about the home version modes- VS, Practice and Survival, along with some better quality shots of the stylish illustrations that start off Scenario Campaign. Plus some bits of character customization, including Asuka and Anna’s extra outfits (including a nice artwork showing the costume designs).

In short, it’s the usual periodic update on Tekken 6 that the Japanese game sites seem to do every so often, but this time without much totally new stuff. Still, something to see for now as we await the next, and last perhaps, big event for Namco to show off their game- Tokyo Game Show 2009.

More as we get it then, but for now check out the screens here or here.


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