Finally Got to Play Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny…

No, my damn PSP’s still on the fritz… but a friend of mine let me play around with his portable and copy of the game for a bit. I played it for about an hour, messing around with CAS, playing some Gauntlet and Quick Match… okay… quick impressions.

It’s Soulcalibur IV on PSP. Big surprise. It controls the same, moves the same, feels the same. Freakin’ awesome.

Not too many things to do. Really, would it have killed Project Soul to include a simple Arcade or Story mode? Even with silly anime illustration endings instead of the usual cutscene finale. Something to that effect would have helped this game a LOT in terms of the single-player experience. Quick Match is fine to just play against an opponent but it’s just not the same. Gauntlet is interesting but too focused on the various missions and fiddly. Actually, the most fun I had was in CAS, where I spent a bit too much time trying to compose my fighter’s photo… heheh…. that was neat.

Character Creation is pretty cool. In a way it’s better than the console versions due to having more items and some new options. However, the inability to customize the regular roster of characters HURTS. Still, I guess that makes the PSP CAS a complement to the console CAS, and not a full replacement.

A.I. is exceptionally good. Quick Match opponents are nasty, and I do see the CPU opponents aren’t pushovers like before. They spam moves, use combos, sidestep and so on… almost seemingly like a real player. Almost. I like.

Graphics are amazing. The characters are detailed and awesome, even if the screen just too small to appreciate it all properly. Well, it IS a PSP after all, so still, it’s an incredible achievement for the PSP. The animation quality seems very close, if not exact to the movements of the console versions, which is awesome.

I’m definitely getting this game on my own PSP, and it seems a great time-waster. I just wish the devs went a bit more into making the Single Player Experience more… conventional. As it is, it’s still a cool tool for honing your Calibur skills, but unless you regularly play with friends or online, would you need that? Oh well.


One Response to “Finally Got to Play Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny…”

  1. Got the game. LOVING it…

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