So I finally decided to Just Do It

Yep, I’ve preordered my copy of Tekken 6 for the Playstation 3. I ordered the US version, which conceivably will arrive the soonest on October 27 (or maybe even earlier) for sure- the Asian version, while cheaper by quite a bit, tends to get delayed sometimes. Ah, the pleasure of region-free software.

Usually I place orders a lot closer to release, but what the heck… I was actually kinda sorta holding out for the Collector’s Edition bundles, but I finally realized that getting another stick is just too much, art book regardless. Anyway, I was also worried that, given how the demand for this game is sure to skyrocket once it’s available, if I don’t order right away I might find myself up a creek without a copy if stocks suddenly fall short and the game sells out. Batman Arkham Asylum sold out immediately at Play-Asia, causing late buyers to have to wait 5-15 days for their copy. I just can’t freakin’ wait any longer than I have to. Seriously.

So now, I guess… it’s just a matter of time then. 40 days. Six weeks. Three pay days. Too damn long, still. Sigh.


9 Responses to “So I finally decided to Just Do It”

  1. You did it! congratulations!!

  2. Yeah, someone’s gonna eventually scan the artbook pages. And besides, you get a calendar so that’s pretty good too.^_^

    I’m gonna order soon too.=]

  3. I wont be getting the calender. I live in Australia so we don’t get any pre-order bonus.

  4. I was talking about thelongamer cuz I thought he ordered it through gamestop but I guess not. Anyway, you’re right, it IS about the game anyway.

  5. Brigandine Says:

    damn you’re an addict here in the philippines we have that game

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