Samurai Spirits EOD on Xbox360 Coming Soon

Slashing your wallet before Christmas.

In the event that Tekken 6 isn’t enough for you, fighting addict that you are, another one-on-one fighter is due out this December. It’s Samurai Spirits: Edge of Destiny, the latest installment in the classic SNK franchise, arriving on the Xbox360 in Japan.

The game’s lineup of weapon-waving lunatics stands at about 26, which is a pretty robust roster. Aside from the fighters that appeared in the original arcade version (which includes veterans like Haohmaru, Nakoruru and Charlotte and newcomers like Suzuhime and Angelica), playables will include the game’s bosses- cowboy gunslinger Draco and final boss Golba.

I’m gonna pass on this one though. This really looks like a dud with some pretty boring-looking gameplay and just none of the cool style, charm and awesomeness of the earlier 2D Shodowns. Who knows what features or modes there will be, but aside from the usual expected stuff I doubt that this game will have much in the way of extras or customizations (Yeah, Tekken 6 and VF5R spoiled me). Really, this just looks so Last-Gen… I could probably recreate all the EOD roster in Soulcalibur IV’s CAS and it would look and play better then.

This game has been dead in the water since it came out (if it ever did) in arcades; I really don’t see it having anything going for it, and even the controversial, very iffy blood, gore and decapitations won’t be present since this was apparently censored from the Japanese version (only for the bloodthirsty westerners, looks like), so gorehounds who actually enjoy bisecting cute anime chicks will be disappointed. Moving on, then.

SNK and Shodown fans will probably want to check this out in any case. December 10, dudes.


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