Rumors of SFIV Sequel, New Characters

The Streetfighter blog has been posting some interesting news lately, mainly about a possible sequel to Streetfighter IV to be hinted at this Friday. Now, apparently more is in store with rumors of new characters being added to SFIV being revealed by a longtime source. If these rumors are to be believed, the next Streetfigher installment, a pseudo-sequel entitled Streetfighter IV Dash, will be getting a large number of new fighters, several of them returning faces.

Returning from Streetfighter Alpha will be Guy, Cody and Adon. Returning from Streetfighter 2 will be Deejay and T-Hawk (whose SFIV designs are already known to exist but were just left out of the original game). Returning from Streetfighter 3 will be Ibuki, Makoto and Dudley. Finally, Dash will also see two totally new characters.

Wow. If this turns out to be true… man! I’ve been pretty harsh with SFIV, but ten new fighters… including My Favorites, Ibuki and Makoto? That’s a game-changer. We’ll find out though, if this is true or bogus, perhaps by Friday. More on this as we get it. Anyway, for the original article, click here.

UPDATE: According to the SF Blog, the original thread in the Shoryuken forums where this list was originally posted has been deleted (not locked), apparently due to a cease and desist order from, well, Capcom. So this gives a bit more weight to the possibility that this may indeed be TRUE. Oh my! Will I be giving SFIV the time of day once more in the future? Give me my SF3 characters in Dash, or whatever the sequel will be named, Capcom!


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