Musing About the Live-action Tekken Movie

Kinky… and iffy.

How’s it going, I wonder? The last bit I heard from it was from Kotaku, with that article with Japanese actress Chiaki ‘Go-Go Yubari’ Kuriyama denying her participation in the game-turned-movie. Since then… nothing. Looking around online, a bit of digging up will get you some set pics and some random, often blurry shots of some of the cast in costume- usually the Williams Sisters (at least they mostly get the colors and costumes mostly right) and some clear shots of Raven and Dragunov mucking for the camera. I’m pretty sure footage of them will look good, but off-stage pics of the actors sadly look like cosplay pics. Good cosplay pics, at least. Sigh…

Anyway, with 40 days to the release of the console versions of Tekken 6, just when is the Tekken movie coming out? Supposedly it will coincide with the console games, so that points to perhaps a late October or November release. Will any good come of this?

Tekken cosplayers? No, Tekken actors!

If past game-to-movie translations are any indication… probably not. But really, it can go either way. It could be as decent as the original Mortal Kombat film and the Dead or Alive movie, or as horrific as Mortal Kombat Anihilation or that Legend of Chun Li Crap. What are the elements that could possibly make the Tekken movie something gamers will want to see this fall?

Stick to the Core Tekken Plot.

Have a LOT of action.

Characters should act True to the Game.

Don’t be Too Serious. Don’t be Too Silly.

Throw in Lotsa Easter Eggs.

Make characters recognizable. Give Heihachi his trademark hair.

Get the Movie Trailer Voice Guy (at least the one who replaced the old one) to be the Ring Announcer.

I dunno. There’s really little to go on to judge the Tekken movie’s chances. No poster or trailer yet, and it’s getting pretty late in the game. Once the console versions of Tekken 6 come out and make a splash, perhaps gamers will be so pumped they’ll give the film the time of day at least. Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. Who cares? Well, we do. It’s Tekken, after all. We’ll see, later this year.


16 Responses to “Musing About the Live-action Tekken Movie”

  1. Where’d you find the pictures?

  2. Doesn’t look that assassin-like to me. She looks More like some fake wrestler. And the boobs are exaggerated.>=[

    Anna looks ok, though her head seems big or maybe its just the poster.
    Raven and Dragunov are good but I don’t like Raven’s outfit(where did the orange come from). XP

    • The actress portraying Anna seems to be enjoying her role, although I am thinking that they’re playing up the sister angle with a bit too much kink- they’re supposed to hate each other and be continually fighting, not getting into each others’ undies. And yeah, I don’t like Nina- the actress kinda looks like a ditz (at least in the pic) and her costume, while having the right color, looks like it’s trying too hard to be sexy. I can’t believe I just said that… heheh…

  3. Big boobs FTW!

  4. Why is Anna trying to get a peek at Nina’s cleavage?

  5. i Agree guys this good

  6. Sorry, I just heard this is not a movie. It is a big-budget commercial for the release of Tekken 6 on home consoles!

  7. gslimjim98 Says:

    i mean the williams look good and raven actually looks the part but i dont like sergei i think he should look a lil more convincing cause the clothes llook exactly like its cosplay. i hope he has the eyes too cause im not gay or anything but i love his eyes

  8. perfectlullaby Says:

    xiaoyu isn’t gonna be in the movie?this film will fail i sAw videoS of the mOvIe in youtube and the fights were lame especially the capoeira moves of eddy and christie they look like they’re doing cartwheels instead of doing back flips…

    • How did you find the clips if I didn’t? The cast is pretty good, at least they try. Zapico and Hillebrand are just plain icky in that poster, Raven is cooler in black and Dragunov is much better looking in the game. At least the pics of Jon Foo as Jin Kazama look pretty ok.

  9. Brigandine Says:

    oh man i’m looking forward that they make alisa bosconovitch real in the next movie hehehe

  10. i hate the part when Kazuya Mishima kill his own father, hehiachi, how could he do such a thing……. i also hate the ending when Jin Kazama left Tekken City and goes back to the anvil and lives without a family, anyways im a really big fan of tekken hope they made a movie starring the life of other tekken fighters especially my idol Eddie Gordo which i always use in playing Tekken
    Hope you make Tekken movies again……..

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