Tekken Actors Slummin’ in Another Movie

Tekken the Movie? Nope…

Here’s the trailer to Duel of Legends, an upcoming Fighting Tournament movie that’s eerily similar to some other martial arts titles I’m interested in. However, unlike our Iron-fisted fave, this is more of the real-world, MMA-type of fighting; basically it’s all about big, muscle-bound guys… no babes kick ass here, as they’re mostly just window dressing or damsels in distress that need to be liberated.

Basically the story is about a young fighter who’s out to avenge his parents’ death by infiltrating an underground fighting tournament held by the evil Shin (Cary Hiroyoku-Tagawa). For everyone’s information, Tagawa-san is also slated to play Heihachi Mishima in the also-upcoming Tekken live-action movie. First MK’s Shang Tsung, then this Shin-guy and later Ol’ Hei… how many evil Tournament Masters can one guy play? I guess if you LOOK fierce and sinister like Mr. Tagawa can, why not? Money in the bank. Heheh.
Anyway, also appearing in Duel is Lateef Crowder, who plays Eddy Gordo. I guess they both had time off.

In any case, if anyone’s interested, Duel of Legends is slated for a December 2009 release. As for the Tekken movie… who the heck knows…


3 Responses to “Tekken Actors Slummin’ in Another Movie”

  1. Wow, the fighting scenes in that film look pathetic.

  2. I suppose so!

    Tekken better be better than this!

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